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Lost? video contest shortlist

Check out the videos that nearly made it

Good afternoon. Since we announced the winner of the Lost? video competition, lots of you have asked The Oracle which videos were on the shortlist that the band chose the winner from. All of those films deserve some attention, so here they are, in no particular order…

Anthony Med


Nicolas Grendena

Mr Seels (video removed from YouTube by user)

Lilian van der Geugten

Beatrice Vollaro and Fabrizia Bandiera

Justin Alt



Jose Lopera Muñoz

Jacobo González Fernández

Brian Felber

Serena F

Rodrigo Leiva

Cory Basil

David Tinoco

John Irvine

Ivan Anaya

Tim Nagle

Blue Tigre

Gabriele Bigatti

Kaichen Wang

Mounira Maazaoui

Gavin Pape

Julie Wood & Derek Jones

So, that’s your next 24 tea breaks sorted then.

Once again, thanks to everyone who entered.