21 August 2014 / submitted by Nathan, Netherlands
Q.  Hey Oracle,

Why does Chris Martin after, I don't know, 10 years of playing his Yamaha GT20 pianos, suddenly switch to a different one?

Greetings from Holland
Given Miller is Chris' keyboard technician (and all round genius with a bunch of technology), I asked him about the current key situation.
"This new one can 'play itself' in A Sky Full Of Stars and Magic. What it plays is actually a midi recording of Chris playing the song in rehearsals". He's actually had it since the Christmas Lights video where we did the same trick".
It plays in time with the song and the screens because of Miller's clever synching.

21 August 2014 / submitted by Lucas, Brazil
Q.  So Oracle, will you finally tell us what the SAMMAJNYCV?? on the Viva booklet means?
I DID tell you, Lucas. Maybe you weren't paying attention that day.
If you go to the search option, you can type SAMMAJNYCV in. Voila! My answer will appear.

21 August 2014 / submitted by Isaac, Spain
Q.  Dear Oracle, am I wrong or there is no audience at this concert? I'm losing my mind trying to figure it out! Hahahahahaha.
Thank you!
It's a private show on 3rd November, 2000 at AB - Ancienne Belgique - for the purpose of recording. It was lost (no pun intended) but has been recently found. It's great isn't it? A fantastic discovery.
There are people there but not a full audience. After the recording, there was a proper show with a proper audience.

20 August 2014 / submitted by Hunter, United States of America
Q.  Hi, Oracle.
Many of us know the 1975 hit song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and that it was re-released in 1992. My question for you is do Coldplay have the power to re-release a song they've already put out or is that something that just happens as a song grows more popular on its own? If the case be true, I could see Clocks regain its popularity. What do you think?
No - that's not how it works. Firstly the label decide, not the artist. Secondly, they don't just re-release willy-nilly. Bohemian Rhapsody was actually re-released in 1991 shortly after Freddie Mercury's death.
In these days of downloads, songs can end up charting regardless of a second release.
Popularity can rise for a number of reasons. For example, an online campaign to get Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine to number 1 over an X Factor winner was successful in 2009.
Many of Coldplay's tracks, including Clocks, climbed or re-entered after the Paralympics Closing Ceremony.
Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac was used on a TV advert and re-entered the chart in 2013.

Personally Clocks is one of least favourites so I'd not be particularly thrilled when they have so many more amazing songs that I'd rather hear. That said, I could just pop on the CD.

N.B: I'm talking about UK chart positions.

20 August 2014 / submitted by Miguel, Mexico
Q.  I have a quick question that came to my mind a second ago :
Is the VIVA logo still painted at The Bakery's wall?
No, it was painted over. Since then, there has been Mylo influenced graffiti (also gone) and currently there are beautiful works of Mila Furstova.

20 August 2014 / submitted by Jacob, Canada
Q.  I watched the A Sky Full of Stars video, and I'm pretty sure I saw Chris Martin in it. Am I right?
Ha ha ha! This made me laugh. I don't know if it's sarcasm or just a joke but it's very funny. We are done with the ASFOS spotting now.

19 August 2014 / submitted by William, United Kingdom
Q.  Watched ASFOS video and I do believe Roadie 42 makes an appearance as well.
Yup, Roadie #42 is in it too but as with Kelly (& Frostie who is also in it), because he got caught in shot. Matt obviously had to be there too but he's in frame more because of where he was waiting to follow the band.

19 August 2014 / submitted by John, United Kingdom
Q.  Is it 'Ask-Oracle-About-The-ASFOS-Music-Video' day?
Pretty much, yes.

19 August 2014 / submitted by Mariano, Venezuela
Q.  Dear Oracle, I watched the ASFOS video again and I saw Matt McGinn with sunglasses and of course Kelly. Still missing who you mentioned yesterday? Can't wait for the True Love video!
We have a winner! I was thinking of Matt McGinn. For the eagle-eyed, he is leaning against a wall and then follows the band. Kelly isn't known to as many people but yes, he's in there too but in an official working capacity.

19 August 2014 / submitted by Saad , Morocco
Q.  Dear Oracle, were you or Anchorman in ASFOS video ? (Just read your answer among today's questions and it made me think...)
Thanks a lot !
Nope. We weren't in Australia with the band. The video was a very last minute affair so it has to be someone who was already with them.