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Wembley photoblog overflow: Saturday

More pictures from Saturday's tour finale

Good afternoon. As promised, here are Saturday’s overflow pictures from the Wembley live photoblog (you can see Friday’s here).

Wires, backstage. Do you suppose anyone actually knows what all these do?

God save her.

Lots of people, watching Jay-Z.

Jonny was very excited to discover a copy of World Soccer in the warm-up room.

Three minutes and 55 seconds until stage time (there are clocks like this everywhere behind the scenes at Wembley, presumably so that footballers don’t miss kick-off).

About 30 seconds later, on the way to the stage.

Sparklers lit and it’s time to do this thing.

This sparkler was being held by, um, one of the band.

By this point, Chris was reddy to go.

If anything, Guy was even more reddy.

Jonny, meanwhile, was feeling blue (sorry, we’ll stop these appalling colour puns now).

Jiggaman in the area for Lost+.

While we were taking these pictures, the bass was literally shaking our bones.

A job well done.

The beginning of Lovers In Japan.

A rare four-members-in-one-shot-on-the-main-stage picture.

Four minus one.

Question is, did the person on the left catch it?

Guy, taking it all in before the encore.

How it looked from directly behind Will.

Lots of the crowd are on the pitch. They think it’s all over. Well it is now.

It’s fair to say the band had as good a time as the crowd did.

Hasta la vista.

How it looked from the stage about an hour later.

It really was a great night.