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Wembley photoblog overflow: Friday

Lots more pictures from the finale shows

Good afternoon. As ever, we had a whole load of photos which we didn’t have room for in the live photoblog from Wembley, so we thought we’d share them with you here. This first batch were all taken on Friday. Look out for Saturday’s later in the week.

Soundcheck on Friday lunchtime

Checking that those ivories still tinkle

B-stage warm-up

It looks like Will is on the giant video screen, doesn’t it?

Taking it all in

A mic’s eye view

Will and the amazing technicolor drumkit

What’s known in the trade as a butterfly blower

Balloon preparation

A lot easier than blowing them up yourself

The statue of England’s 1966 World Cup winning captain, Bobby Moore, gazes down Wembley Way

The bit of wood in front of the Royal Box where they put the FA Cup before presenting it to the winners

Fans enjoying the sun while waiting for doors to open

A view down Wembley Way from the very top of the stadium

These waterproof jackets probably came more in handy on Saturday than Friday

The crowds start to arrive in numbers

The view from Wembley Park tube station

Feel that anticipation building…

Most people were inside by now

The Yellow balloon barrage

A giant Chris

One down, one to go…