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We want your Live Transmissions

Upload your pics and vids to our new Viva tour gallery

Good afternoon. We’ve got a new section to unveil on today – it’s called Live Transmissions, and we think/hope you’re going to like it.

Essentially, Live Transmissions is a gallery for the pictures and videos which you folks took at the shows on the Viva La Vida tour. Every single show has its own gallery. When you upload your pictures or videos (the latter via YouTube), you can also add tags – so that other Coldplay fans can then search for all of the pictures of "Jonny" or "Butterflies" or pics/vids taken during a particular song.

Of course, Live Transmissions will, quite literally, only be as good as you make it. So get over there, click on your part of the world and start adding your pictures now. Before too long, we’re hoping we’ll have a pretty detailed archive of the entire tour.


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