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The Exhibition Room moves to 7 days

A new Exhibit will now be displayed every day

Good afternoon. We’re pleased to announce that the Exhibition Room will now be posting a new Exhibit seven days a week (rather than just Monday to Friday). We’ve decided to increase the number because we’ve been so blown away by the number and quality of the Exhibits that you folks have been uploading – and we want you to see more of them.

Quite a few of you have been in touch asking how each day’s Exhibit is selected. Well, the Curator looks at every single creation which is submitted (more than 3,000 so far) and then decides which ones to display in the Exhibition Room. Impress the Curator and you stand a good chance of seeing your work on the site. 

So, what will impress the Curator? Not, we’re told, pictures of the band or footage from their shows (including the butterflies). Nor is the Curator looking for videos of you folks covering a Coldplay song – though they don’t mind if you use a Coldplay tune to soundtrack your own original short film.

Essentially, as today’s Exhibit proves, your best bet is to just let your imagination, ideas and creativity flow. Which is exactly what so many of you have done already. Keep up the good work – and thanks to all of you for making the Exhibition Room such a success.