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The Exhibition Room is open!

Welcome to our digital art gallery

Good afternoon. Today sees the launch of the Exhibition Room. This digital art gallery will feature submissions from Coldplay fans, with a new Exhibit on display every weekday.

The Exhibition Room will display all of the following: animation; graphics; home video; claymation; illustrations; paintings; photography; music videos; short films; anything that you can upload. It can be about/of anything you like (it doesn’t have to be Coldplay-related). Please note, you must own the copyright of all materials used – including any music used to soundtrack short films.

Our very first Exhibit comes courtesy of Trevor Parker from Atlanta, GA in America. He was one of the hundreds of people who sent an email to the (now defunct) email address which we put on the front page after the final Wembley Stadium show. Earlier this week, we asked the RSVPers to supply the first Exhibit for the Exhibition Room. Thanks to all the RSVPers who sent in their creations – after much deliberation the Curator plumped for Trevor’s amazing photo. Congratulations Trevor!

If you think you have a suitable creation which is worthy of the Curator’s attention, then head over to our Exhibit Yourself page and show us what you’ve got…