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Roadie #42 – Blog #75

#42 and the pap shots of the paps

I have a new hobby folks. I’ve been pap papping.

Here’s a likely-looking fella who was hiding in the bushes as we left the hotel this morning. I had a lovely chat with him about what cameras he uses and how big his lens was (a whopping 600mm in case you’re interested). He seemed distracted though and eventually a little huffy – almost as though he was more interested in taking photos of the band than talking to me. Looking back on it, I think I may have been in his way somewhat…

He had a jolly chum over the way. Another keen photographer. He’s got a lovely scarf for his camera. All the rage when hanging out down the docks in Sydney…

NB: All images (c) – contact Roadie 42 for syndication. Unauthorised use strictly forbidden. 😉

We waved them off to do their good work and headed to the gig. As we all know, there ain’t no party like a soundcheck party and today, we had one. Things kick off with a jam over a bass groove that Guy has come up with. It’s a slightly Peter Hook-esque thing that wonderfully walks the line between melancholy and exuberance. I expect we’ll hear plenty more of that one…

After a request for Warning Sign, which takes all of us by surprise, the fellas head down to do some photos with the assembled competition winners. They then get their customary guided tour around the back of the stage by Jackie Jackson, our wonderful Venue Security co-ordinator. I’m finishing up when, behind me, I hear Franksy selling official backstage-tour merchandise.

He and Eric our Merch Executive have got this wonderful memento knocked up:

Reckon that and the "I am Roadie 42" t-shirts could sell a packet…

Right, I can hear the band doing their warm-ups through the wall (sounds like a bunch of very peculiarly amused monks from where I’m sat….). This means that I should probably be getting ready too.

Catch ya later.