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Roadie #42 – Blog #7

R#42's thoughts on the MSG show

Well there we go.  It’s done.

Madison Square Garden is, in many ways, just an arena. The way it’s talked about in touring circles though, you’d believe it was only one small step down from doing a show on another planet.  The weight of expectation and history is simply huge. Even amongst us, this concert has been talked about in hushed, concerned tones since rumours of this free show were first heard.

Monday’s gig was not perfect. In fact, there were gremlins tap-dancing merrily at regular intervals. In many ways though, that’s exactly the point. The early days of this band are remembered by many for Chris’s habit of constantly apologising throughout gigs. Here they are taking on one of the most prestigious venues in the entire world, cheerfully announcing that there will be mistakes and that things aren’t nearly ready yet.

Maybe this marks the point at which the fear, the apologising and the bumbling lack of confidence are behind them. Squaring up to such an imposing and ‘grown up’ venue and approaching it like a club warm-up show demonstrates a level of nerve I don’t believe I’ve seen before.

"We’ve got some incredible balls" quoth CM.

Indeed they do.