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Roadie #42 – Blog #44

#42 the bootlegger

Right then folks. Saturday Night Live was a very long day. Soundcheck, camera rehearsals, dress rehearsals and so it went on. Being on the tail end of jetlag as I am, a 1am finish required a hell of a lot of coffee. The one good thing about having all that time though, is that I got a chance to dig through my laptop and have a clearout.

Here’s a bit of audio I found from the soundcheck at last week’s Yahoo! Hammerstein Ballroom show:

It’s Will on piano. He’s famed amongst the band as being able to play any tune known to man. Today, he’s picking out the chords to a rather beautiful Nick Cave tune. It’s a very rough recording and you can hear roadies bustling around them trying to pull a TV show together. This wasn’t ever intended for public consumption – it’s just the fellas filling in time whilst waiting for things to be ready on stage. It’s raw and it’s rough, but I thought it was rather wonderful. I thought that you might think so too. Consider it  my first bootleg…  😉

Roadie #42