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#42 is watching you

I’ve mused before on the section of the show when the guys head up into the back of the arena for the "acoustic" bit. Although I’ve talked about watching the audience response as they slowly realise what’s going on, I don’t think I’ve mentioned the range of reactions from the folks that are immediately around the band once they’re on the "c-stage" way up in the back of the arena. My little video monitor under the stage shows a tight shot of the four fellas, but I can also see the folks around them and it’s increasingly becoming a highlight of the show for me watching the fans’ every night.

Obviously, the common reaction by folks is to raise their mobile phones and start filming it. Others though, realise that they are in the spotlight and start waving and holding their hands in the air so that everyone can see them and cheer (this is mostly the guys, I have to be honest). Another popular response is like the old "studio audience effect" from TV shows. you see folks looking out of the top of the frame to see if they’re on the big screens and then they start nudging their neighbor and pointing upwards. One of my favourite responses was only a few nights ago when a woman behind the band stood motionless, mouthing the words "Oh. My. GOD." over and over  throughout the duration of both songs.

Sometimes folks are so blown away by the fact that the band are within arms reach that they start trying to strike up a conversation with them – completely oblivious to the fact that they are trying to play a song to the other twenty thousand folks in the room. I saw a chap so into it one night that he pulled some heavy duty air guitar moves (complete with heavy metal pained facial expressions) – particularly inappropriate given that the fellas were playing an acoustic version of The Scientist!

Here’s Chris from night number two in Jersey, with a comment that perhaps explains why the folks tucked away high at the back are sometimes so entertaining to watch…

Talking of entertaining to watch, I’m quite pleased with this shot of Mr. C up front and giving it some during Viva.

Roadie #42