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Roadie #42 – blog #39

An afternoon update from #42

So there we have it – Glass Of Water is now out in the wild. The footage on the site came from Andy Bramley, the tour’s wonderful video director – the entire XL video department played a blinder, I think you’ll agree. I’ll spare you the details of the chaos that went into making it happen at our end, but I think it was worth it and now we have the ability to do this, it’d be a shame not to use it again…. 😉

So today, I’m in London. We are soundchecking at Jools Holland this evening. For those outside the UK, this is a television show which the guys have done several times before. I’ve always enjoyed doing it, as there are about half a dozen bands on each episode. This means that, as at festivals, you’re always going to run into someone you know or get to watch a band or two that you might not otherwise check out.

The fellas are at the Q Awards this afternoon, which means they may be turning up to the soundcheck slightly giddy. Let’s hope so, eh?

Right, I’d better get myself down to the BBC. In the meantime, here’s a photo of Chris from Antwerp…

Roadie #42