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Roadie #42 – Blog #30

#42 and the bubble wrapped office

It’s another round of cover versions in soundcheck today. As well as a now alarmingly regular Oasis tune, somebody stumbles upon the riff to Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream. Somewhat inevitably, it morphs into a rocked up version of the A-Team theme tune. Signs of a mis-spent youth indeed…

The covers theme continues into Albert Hammond’s soundcheck when a series of Led Zeppelin riffs get a good blast. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed Albert and his band being around. Not only have they got some absolutely top tunes, but they’re also a lovely bunch of fellas. When one of our carpenters who normally deals with the moving risers on stage was injured in Sweden, they immediately offered to jump in and take over.

"The runners list" is a term that’s in daily use on tour that may not be familiar to readers. At every venue, there is at least one local person acting as a runner, usually two or three. Anything needed to keep the tour rolling goes on the runners list in the production office and these folks nip around the city we’re in picking up everything from guitar strings to cabbages to fresh underwear.

On the morning of the Oslo show, I email Marguerite a request for some bubble wrap. "Enough to package a large VCR," I say. When the runner returns, they have a roll almost as tall as Marguerite and 120 metres long. Talk about Rock and Roll excess! It’s like Hammer of the Gods every day round here….

Needless to say, not wishing to be wasteful, I decide to do something useful with what’s left. I wait for Marguerite to leave her office for dinner and then I bubble wrap her entire desk, item by item. I was particularly proud of doing individual Post-it notes, I have to say – although I regret not doing the pens individually. We’ve still got enough bubble wrap left over to eBay an entire truck, so I daresay there’s more to come.

As well as large rolls of packaging material, Norway is also home to a certain pop group from our youth called A-ha. Our lads ran into these chaps long ago and have been firm friends ever since. (see recent news story for Guy’s collaboration). Tonight, Mags has popped in to say hello and he’s been pressed into service for a rather special encore…

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