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Roadie #42 – Blog #166

#42 and the Secret Policeman's Ball

Coldplay played Radio City Music Hall back in the Parachutes days. I know this because I recently found a box of Guy’s first ever camcorder tapes. On this tape they were all looking *incredibly* young and fresh, wandering around the stage before soundcheck marvelling at how immense the place was.

It is indeed a hugely impressive building.

Sound-checking some ten years later, they’re somewhat more worldly and experienced. Chris arrives and throws himself into the rehearsal with all the energy of a full show. Clearly it’s been a good birthday…

For anyone not familiar with the Secret Policeman’s Ball, it’s a fundraising event for Amnesty International. The majority of performers throughout the evening are comedians and there is a definite political slant to the humour. I wander out and watch a good few of them. John Stewart, (who had the band on his show as guests during Viva), is predictably brilliant, as is Russell Brand.

The tiny backstage corridors of the theatre are in full on Muppet-Show-mode as folks fly on and off the stage. Waiting for the lift to the dressing room can feel like being in the middle of an episode of Saturday Night Live, as comedy legends greet each other left and right.

Coldplay are closing the show and do so in a celebratory style. It’s only three songs, but they explode out of the gate and by the time the confetti is falling, Chris has bounced up off the stage and into the balconies. Wonderful chaos…

It’s one of the more unusual shows we’ve done on this album’s outing – which it must be said has had its fair share of odd shows! We have almost a whole month off now (or pottering in the studio, which is at least a change of gear, if not a complete rest). I have to admit I’ll be glad to get into doing our own shows, come April. The simplicity of just turning up and doing our own thing will feel like a great luxury after months of promo and TV.  

I don’t think we’ve ever ‘started’ a tour with the band in such fine form and the direction so well set. I’ve a feeling they’ll be great gigs and an enjoyable time for all. I guess we’ll find out soon enough…