Roadie #42 – Blog #118

Apr 02, 2010

I’ve talked before about differences between what I’ve experienced when touring with the band and work here at the studio. Mostly, it’s the fact that you’re not sure what’s coming next. Touring is fairly repetitive; the scenery changes a great deal, but the daily routine is pretty much set in stone.

Here in the studio, it isn’t like that. As you’d expect with a process led by the creative mind, there is a lot of jumping from one thing to another. It’s difficult, if not impossible to anticipate what’s coming next and what you’ll be asked for.

It shouldn’t really come as any surprise then, that within an hour of my first day back after South America, Chris comes up to me with the following: "I’ve got a little project for you". "I’m not sure whether to be excited or terrified", I reply.

"I’d like you to build a solar system…"

Oh well, I guess we’re officially back now….