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Roadie #42 – Blog #112

#42 and the stadium show remembering

After my first day in Buenos Aires being wonderfully relaxed and tourist-y, it’s been heads down getting the show together for a bit. It’s a little strange going back into stadium-sized gigs after a lengthy period of relatively normal living. I distinctly remember going into the European shows feeling very, very comfortable and relaxed. A hundred and fifty shows on one tour will do that to you….

Here though, the stadium feels absolutely enormous (basically because it is…). Everyone is trying to remember exactly what it is that they used to do to make sure that their little cog in the machine kept moving smoothly.

We had a great run through with the band yesterday, in the empty stadium. That’s shaken the dust off nicely, but I have a feeling that 50,000 screaming Argentinians is what we really all need to get us comfortably back into gear.

I’m sat outside the dressing room where I believe Guy and Will are chatting to a film crew from Brazil. I can hear the crowd beginning to fill the floor outside. I’d better go get busy with cables or something to keep the nerves at bay.

Here’s a little footage of where we’re at from yesterday’s production rehearsals.