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Request a song for the Sept / Oct shows

Your chance to ask the band to play a song for you at the upcoming shows

Good evening. If you’re coming to one of the North American shows in September and October – ticket info here – and there’s a Coldplay song that you’d like to hear a stripped-back version of (a track which the band don’t usually perform), we’d love you to send us your video. And then yours might get chosen and played! Here’s what you need to do…

– Record a short video (15 seconds or less) of yourself on a plain background, somewhere bright and quiet, telling us which Coldplay song you’d like the band to play.

– Please don’t have any music playing too – just you talking.

– Don’t forget to tell us why you’d like to hear your chosen song.

– Upload your video to Instagram with the name of your chosen song as a hashtag (ie #Shiver) PLUS the appropriate show hashtag from below (only one show hashtag per post, please). If you’re going to a show in a city which has more than one show, please also tell us which date you’re going to.


And then when you’re at the shows, we’d love you to share your pictures and videos on social media using these hashtags…


As always, we’ll be posting lots of photos and videos on the band’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat accounts too – and here on

Thank you – see you at the shows!