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Photos from yesterday’s Oslo show

We took some snaps as Coldplay performed for Nordic fans

Good morning. Yesterday, we went along to see Coldplay perform a Nordic album launch show in Oslo, Norway. Naturally, we took some snaps…

Hello and welcome to the Sentrum Scene in Oslo, where Coldplay will perform at 3.45pm, by which time it will already be dark

Chris and Jonny head onto the stage for a look at the venue before doors open

Will joins them and they pull faces. Not exactly sure why

Chris graffiti’d piano

The view from the mic. Sentrum Scene has a capacity of around 500. It is, therefore, "intimate"

Will has a little bash on his drums, while Bash checks his cymbal

There are probably some really cryptic messages in here

The front row arrives, they’re very pleased, and we celebrate by taking a terrible photo

The Viva bell, fully MXified

And so to the dressing room…

The dressing room

The band have a quick warm-up before the show

Then it’s time for the traditional pre-show huddle

And the post-huddle thing where they all throw their hands into the air

Standing by the door to the stage

After you, Mr Martin

The show was being filmed for broadcast on TV in Scandinavia, so there was no photographers’ pit to stand in (yes, we’re getting excuses in early for these live pictures…)

The view from where Jonny’s guitar tech, Matt McGinn, stands

Pretty sure that’s a mid-drumming face

At this point we decide to go and take some pictures from the balcony, which involves having to leave the venue by a side door and walk around the side to the front entrance

The cloakroom gives you an idea of the temperature in Oslo (brrrrr)

The view from the balcony. No, you’re right, it wasn’t really worth the walk

That’s quite an angle Chris has got himself into

Viva from the balcony

Back at the front (again, having wandered around outside for a bit)

We’ll let those of you in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark know when the show is being broadcast

The front row, having a lovely time

There are an awful lot of corridors at Sentrum Scene. A monster apparently lives at the end of this one

And you thought backstage was glamourous (that’s the door to the stage again)

Oslo gives a mighty roar of approval as the band finish what’s been a rollicking, hour-long set

Here’s what they played

It might be cold outside, but as you’ll gather it’s pretty blooming hot inside

Careful Jonny, there’s a monster down there

After the show, the band do a few filmed interviews for the various Nordic TV stations which will be broadcasting the gig. This one was, we’re told, based on Twitter and was quite amusing…

It’s time to head home, but first the band sign some autographs for the folks who’ve waited in the cold and helped make it an extremely enjoyable visit for Coldplay


Coldplay’s new album, Mylo Xyloto, is out now – get it from iTunes at