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Photos from Coldplay’s first Polish show

We tagged along to Open'er last night, and took some pictures

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Good evening. Last night, we went along to see Coldplay’s first ever show in Poland. We didn’t do a live blog (the internet connection was terrible) but we did take a bunch of pictures which we thought you might like to see. And so here they are:

Poland, looking pretty from the sky

At the airport, working out exactly where we were

On the way to Open’er, which takes place in Gdynia

Coldplay soundman/producer Dan Green doing a bit of work before the show

Stern toilets

Open’er takes place on the site of an old military airport – and the various bunkers are put to good use

We’d probably rather have three soups than one portion of neck

Here’s Death, killing time

And here is trying to knock a chap into a pool of balls. As you do

A brisk trade at the stall selling Coldplay music

The rather lovely Open’er big wheel

This photo, we’re sure you’ll agree, is a bit "arty"

Wonder if she knows that’s there

Open’er’s portaloo promenade

A guard, guarding something

We had the borsch. It was lovely.

A chap on one of those motorised parachute things, getting a great view

Some fireman on their engine, also getting a great view

The National were on directly before Coldplay and they were excellent

Great to see so many fans in the crowd (considering it was Coldplay’s first ever Polish show)

The Polish label presented the band with some discs. As you can tell, spirits were high

Seconds before going on…

The moment they’d been waiting a decade for

And we’re off

From the first song, the response from the crowd was amazing

It was a very big crowd, too. And so onto some more live shots…

Little known fact: Coldplay are actually *from* Poland (not even the band know this)

Big thanks from the band for what was a genuinely wonderful crowd

Until next time, Poland

And with that, goodbye

Oh, and here’s a mobile phone video of that mighty crowd roaring along to Viva.

It was another top night, on what’s becoming a pretty special run of shows.