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Norwich R1 show – live photoblog

Join us live backstage from tonight's Radio 1 show

On Thursday 27th, Coldplay played a special live show for BBC Radio 1 at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. Our live blog is below. You can listen to the show on-demand on Radio 1’s website by clicking here (UK) or here (rest of the world – skip to 1 hr) until 3rd November.

21.35: So, here are some pictures from after the last song of the main set. Hope you enjoyed it wherever you were listening. The band actually came back on to do an encore of Green Eyes, Shiver and Us Against The World – which was a real treat for those in the audience (and what an audience they were).  And with that, folks, goodnight. Thanks for reading the blog, and thanks for all your emails. See you for another live photoblog before too long,

The elephant made an appearance too…

21.30: Right, we’re in a people carrier on the way to London. Pictures coming…

20.48: We’ve got to go and ready to jump in the car back to London. Will try to post some more pictures once we’re on the move (the joys of mobile broadband…)

20.43: Chris and Will during Up In Flames.

And, to give you an idea of how intimate this venue really is…

20.34: And here’s Dan doing his soundman thing (this one is "arty" too)

20.32: "Hi Anchorman! Do you know how long the concert is going to be this time?" asks Yasmin. Tonight’s live broadcast is an hour. Which means we’re just past halfway already…

20.32: Live photoblog rule #276: any bad/blurred/out-of-focus/overly dark live pictures are not bad, they’re "arty".

20.28: This is how it’s looking from where soundman Dan Green is. As you can probably gather from the radio broadcast (link above) there’s a pretty amazing atmosphere down there.

20.20: "Just having brekky in Australia, listening to the boys live in Norwich, where I come from…sounding great!" says Jon to Ah, the wonders of technology…

20.15: Some pictures from the show so far (this was during Yellow)…

20.02: A final huddle in the corridor and they’re on! Listen live right now by clicking here

19.52: Will reminds Phil of that time he danced at a disco in Exeter (it’s a long story…)

19.48: 11 minutes until stage time…

19.38: Fearne Cotton and Greg James have popped in to say hello. It’s Radio 1 DJ central in these parts today.

19.35: Will, Jonny and Guy are busy doing their vocal warm-ups (which essentially involve going "Weeee-eeeee-eeeeee" and "Ahhhhhh-ahhhhhh-ahhhhhh" and the like). Here’s an action shot of Jonny mid-flow…

19.25: It’s Mylo Xyloto co-producers Dan Green and Rik Simpson!

Was it really only last night we were in Madrid with them? Feels like ages ago.

19.15: Are you folks all listening online then? Presumably you are? Does it sound good? Here’s a picture of Zane Lowe doing his DJ thing…

19.06: Quite a few of you have been emailing asking for a picture of Guy. Here he is, strumming on a mandolin just now….

19.00: It’s an hour until Coldplay are on and the live broadcast has begun. You can listen live online by clicking here.

18.52: Here’s another shot from today’s dressing room football match…

18.51: Sorry for the gap in photoblog service. We went to grab some dinner. But we are BACK.

18.10: Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe is here for an interview now. They’re talking about the time that Will threw a drumstick at him. Listen out on Radio 1 tonight for the interview before the show (which, as per the info above, is broadcasting live.)

18.05: Doors are about to open, and you can hear the fans outside singing the Viva chant already. Feels like it’s going to be a good night.

17.58: We just had an impromptu game of dressing room football: Jonny and Phil vs Chris and Anchorman. The goal posts were a chair at either end – you had to get the ball between the legs of the chair to score, which was decidedly tricky. It was a titanic struggle, which ended 1-1 (when some more journalists arrived for an interview).

17.41: Here’s some photos from last night which we didn’t get a chance to post. A little pre-show cricket. This was literally less than 10 minutes before the band went on stage…

Jonny would like to make it clear that Will was being bowled LBW in this shot (by Jonny).

17.37: Chris is in the dressing room, having some dinner and doing an interview with some student journalists from the university which houses tonight’s venue. They’re asking some good questions, too. He’s currently explaining to them why Coldplay love Glastonbury Festival so much ("It’s all the positive things of life").

17.30: Coldplay’s radio plugger Kev doesn’t always dress like this…

17.19: Thanks to Darren who’s just emailed with a link to this amazing picture of five Coldplay fans in the queue outside, dressed as elephants. Amazing effort!

17.10: Here’s another couple of photos from the Live Lounge performance – where Coldplay played Hurts Like Heaven, a terrific cover of Rihanna’s We Found Love and Paradise. You can listen on-demand to all that at Radio 1’s website by clicking here – it’s just after 2 hours in.

17.00 Exactly three hours until stage time. And here’s a photo of Chris chatting to Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton at the Live Lounge recording in a UEA student bar earlier. There are more photos from that available at Radio 1’s site here.

16.57: Those who have gone before…

16.55: And here’s the setlist from that night in January 2000 – according to Songkick:

Don’t Panic
High Speed
We Never Change
Everything’s Not Lost
Help Is Around The Corner
12. Bigger Stronger (Encore)

16:52: Here’s tonight’s dressing room – which, according to the band, is the very same room they had as their dressing room (sharing with Campag Velocet) when they played the UEA on 29 January 2000 as part of the NME tour, which they opened.

16.50: Sorry, that journey took a little longer than expected (seems we hit Norwich rush hour), so the band went straight into soundcheck. Here’s a photo – taken almost from the back of the UEA, which gives you an idea of how big it is (1,500 capacity).

15:50: Off to the venue now (we had a few hours in a hotel) – lots more pics when we get there. Until then, catch up on last night’s show here.

15:43: Hello! Yes, we begin a second day of live photoblogging, ahead of Coldplay’s show in Norwich tonight. We’ll start with a picture taken at last night’s in Madrid which we didn’t post yet. This shows the band coming off stage after Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall provided a mighty climax to a thrilling show.