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Newsreel: An appeal to Wikipedia enthusiasts

Fortis est veritas

Good afternoon. It has been brought to our attention that the Wikipedia article on hell-raising rock combo Coldplay is not as accurate as it could be. For starters, it was Mr Tim Crompton who first suggested the name Coldplay, not Mr Tim Rice-Oxley. Also, the song featuring Miss Kylie Minogue is called Lhuna, not Lunar, and is not confirmed to be on the band’s next album. Furthermore, eagle-eyed readers of the band’s album sleevenotes (or, indeed, their MySpace page) will have noted that Coldplay officially have five members – with the mysterious Mr Phil Harvey making up the quintet. The band would, we’re told, be enormously grateful if these inaccuracies could be corrected, so that they don’t keep having to answer questions about them.