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Live Lyon photoblog

Live from the venue in Lyon

10.28pm: And we’re done. Amazing gig. Hope you enjoyed tagging along. See you next time…


10.17pm: We made it just in time for the end of the B-stage bit, which is where the first pic is from. The other two are from Viva La Vida, which made 16,000 people go extremely tingly. It was quite a wrench to leave them all singing as we came back to post these. Roy Castle would be proud of us.

The key to live photography: take dozens and two or three might be half-decent

9.55pm: And here’s one of Guy. Right, the B-stage section just started, we’ll see if we can dash and take some pics of that.

9.46pm: Anchorman would never, not ever, claim to be a great live photographer. But these were taken during Fix You, which lifted the ceiling of the venue at least another few feet higher.

In other news, there’s a HUGE thunder storm going on outside the venue.

9.27pm: The chaps are on now, and the atmosphere is amazing in there. Here’s a pic of them just before they went on, with tour manager Franksy…

8.58pm: Twelve minutes until stage time…

8.51pm: You’ll never guess who we just ran into…

8.26pm: We just saw Prospekt. He wrote you a note.

8.06pm: Here’s a picture of Albert, doing his thing. He’s getting a good reception from what’s now a pretty packed venue. At least he was for the 60 seconds we watched before we whizzed back to post this picture.

7.51pm: Guy, checking his emails at the band’s PAs’ desks, outside the dressing room. We’re off to watch a bit of Albert Hammond Jr.

7.14pm: We’ve just bumped into Will and Jonny in catering. They were mainly talking about the following two things:
– The new ISS Pro Evolution game for the PS3 ("Brilliant," says Will)
– Jonny’s all-time Spurs XI (as he just did an interview on that subject for the official Tottenham magazine). For the record, Jonny decided to use Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne as a second striker, as he already had an embarrassment of riches in his midfield.

Oh, and we’ve finally realised that we’ve been doing this whole blog on English time. We’ve adjusted it to French time now.

6.55pm: There are people in the venue. And they’re all sitting very calmly on the floor, chatting and listening to ambient music over the PA. It is, we’d have to say, a slightly surreal scene. And it’s still over an hour until Albert Hammond Jr. Proper dedication.

6.48pm: Look who we just bumped into in the car park (the connection’s gone slow again – it took 15 mins to upload this one picture. Sigh…)

6.11pm: It sped up. Thus, here is a short, amateurish silent film designed to give you an idea of the venue.

5.01pm: You really wouldn’t believe how slow this connection is…

5.28pm: The band are trying out an old song in a new style. Sounded a bit like vintage New Order from where we were standing. We were going to upload a few pics, but the internet connection here is tres, tres slow, so let’s start with one for now…

4.45pm: We’re in the venue and the band are just off to soundcheck. We’ll report back from there soon. In the meantime, here are a few pictures.

The inner sanctum

Guy, preparing his shoes for the soundcheck

Chris models his cool new T-shirt

8.45am: Good morning. We’re pleased to announce that we’re heading to Lyon with Coldplay today, from where we’ll be updating the site with behind-the-scenes footage throughout the afternoon and evening. So keep it locked (as they say) to