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Interview: The Temper Trap

We hear from the band's support act for the NZ/Australia shows

Australian band the Temper Trap are supporting Coldplay on the New Zealand/Australia tour which begins on Saturday night in Auckland. We dropped frontman Dougy Mandagi a line to find out more about them.

Hi Dougy, how are you?

Are you looking forward to the shows with Coldplay?
Very much so.

For any Coldplay fans who haven’t yet heard the Temper Trap, what do you sound like?

You’re more used to playing headline dates these days – will you approach the support slots any differently to a normal show?

Yes, less ballads, keeping things punchy, direct, familiar and big.

The second show is a hometown gig – presumably that should be a standout for you guys?
It’s always good to come home to where it all started. We’re an Oz band and always will be no matter where we may base ourselves.

Australasia is a big old place, how are you guys getting between the shows?
My mom’s station wagon that we used to drive for band practice.

Please tell us one thing that Coldplay – or anyone – should do in each of Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane?
New Zealand is kinda out of our element but apparently Mordor is quite menacing and hot this time of year.
Melbourne: Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane (that’s right, AC/DC Lane!!); Chin Chin on Flinders Lane for an amazing Asian fusion dinner/cocktails. St. Kilda, Fitzroy (if you like watching hipsters being all hip and shit). The list goes on and on.
Sydney, go to Shady Pines for drinks if you can find it. Bondi is a must (north side by the rocks is better) the neighbouring beaches like Bronti, Tama are quieter and more "local." Sydney harbor overlooking the opera house is the most beautiful harbor I’ve ever seen in my travels.
Brisbane… No idea. Sorry. Don’t swim in the canals. There’s hungry bull sharks!

What should the band expect from Australian crowds?
Australian accents.

Do you have any idea how you came to be on the tour?
Well, I sincerely hope that it’s because Coldplay like us.

Are you guys generally fans of Coldplay?
Yup. I played the first 2 records to death and Fix You is one of those songs that I listen to and think, "why didn’t I write that!!!?"

Have you seen them live before?
Ages ago at Rod Laver in Melbourne. This was before I even started the band.

According to, there is "medium similarity" between the Temper Trap and Coldplay. Does that sound reasonable?!
Refer to question 3.

Coldplay always have a cricket bat and ball in their dressing room. Australians are usually annoyingly good at cricket. Do you think you could take them in a mini-Ashes?
We can take anyone on at any sport. Joseph our multi instrumentalist is particularly good at mixed martial arts. We’re very competitive! It’s all about winning, not having fun!

What else have the Temper Trap got coming up in the next few months?
Writing and more shows. The usual.

Finally, what’s your favourite Coldplay song?
Fix You.

Thanks very much!
You’re welcome very much.

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