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Guy’s Barnfind Cars Project

Do you have an old classic car which Guy could restore?

Barnfind Cars Project

Do you have, or know of, an old classic car sitting in a barn, garage or backyard which has been neglected and unloved? Guy is looking to find some project cars to restore (when he gets time!) and you may have something perfect. It really doesn’t matter what condition it’s in – email in some photos of your car and see if he might want to rescue it!

Here’s how to do it: Email 3 pictures of the car from different angles and one interior shot to telling us where in the world the car is currently located. The car must belong to you, your family or someone you know, and must be available for sale.

ANY MAKE, MODEL, AGE AND CONDITION WILL BE CONSIDERED! If you know what make and model the car is, or have any other information relating to it, please include it in the email.