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Dusseldorf photoblog overflow

More photos from yesterday's live blogging

Good evening. Following yesterday’s live photoblog in Dusseldorf, we thought you might like to see a few of the pictures which slipped between the cracks. And so here they are…

The stage, a few seconds before the band took to it

A Study In Red Silhouettes Number 3

Cheeky monkey

This is Roadie #42’s office. Unfortunately, his agent wouldn’t let us take a picture of the great man himself.

Look at the star-shaped lights, look how they shine for you…

There’s some very similar grippage going on there

Bass in the Dusseldorfian place

Mr Berryman is really very good at throwing those rock shapes

This was well into the show – not sure we’ve ever seen the yellow balloons last so long

Some Champion drumming from Will on the C Stage

Red heads during Politik…

…and red butterflies during Lovers In Japan

Thank you and goodnight

By the way, on the way home, Chris was saying that it was one of his favourite Coldplay shows ever. Good work Dusseldorf!