Kaotican Alphabet mobile site launches

Now you can access the site on the move

Good afternoon. We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve just flipped the switch to launch the brand new mobile version of, which will help you keep up with Coldplay happenings when you’re on the move. It’s set up so that if you head to on your iPhone, Blackberrry or other mobile device, you’ll automatically be diverted to the mobile version of the site, which should look a bit like this…

If, for some reason, your device doesn’t automatically divert, simply go to (you can also use that url if you’d like to pretend your computer is a mobile and have a nosey around the new site). As well as the latest news and tour dates, you’ll notice there are sections for videos and pictures – with YouTube links to every Coldplay video plus galleries featuring some hitherto unseen pictures of the band.

We hope you like it. And we look forward to accompanying you on bus journeys, trips to the seaside, mountain hikes and suchlike over the coming weeks and months. In fact, if you can persuade a friend to take a picture of you using the new mobile site somewhere interesting, then please email it to