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Brixton Academy: live photoblog

Live and direct from Brixton

Welcome to our live photoblog, direct from Brixton Academy. Keep checking back for more pics throughout the day. Don’t forget you can listen to the show on Radio 1‘s website.

10.02pm: And we’re done. Good night, and thanks for watching.

9.39pm: Balcony busking 3

9.37pm: Balcony busking 2

9.35pm: Balcong busking 1

9.22pm: The view through a crack in the stage door

9.02pm: The view from the back

9.00pm: The view from the balcony

8.45pm: Going on

8.10pm: Support act Jon Hopkins

7.58pm: Limbering up

7.57pm: This one’s pretty self-explanatory

7.40pm: A wall, outside

7.09pm: Pre-show coffee in catering…

6.42pm: The queue from above

6.32pm: The queue from the front

4.20pm: Guy has arrived…

3.05pm: BBC in the house (or, at least, just outside it)

3.05pm: Beeb boxes

12.52pm: The stage is (quite literally) set

12.38pm: Early arrivals…

12.33pm: The view from outside