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AHFOD Surround Sound version today – order now!

Take a "trip into a surround-sound dreamscape" with the new 5.1 Blu-ray release of A Head Full Of Dreams

Good morning. We’re pleased to report that the a special 5.1 Surround Sound version of the A Head Full Of Dreams album is out now!

The Blu-ray audio release is being sold via the Coldplay Store, where it’s available to buy now (with worldwide shipping available). It also includes a download card with a digital download of the album as a 2.0 stereo MP3.

The album’s co-producer and co-mixer, Rik Simpson said: “The album was always conceived by the band as a dreamlike, kaleidoscopic sweep of music so it was fantastic to be able to take it to its furthest conclusion with a trip into a surround-sound dreamscape.”