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A blog from Will

Will writes from between Bologna and Milan

There are a few fans we know by name. Plenty we know by sight. The loyalty and dedication of our fans always astounds me. There are faces that I have seen in the front row in three different continents. When we play anywhere in Italy, I know I’ll see Francesco, front row, dead centre. A friendly face in a foreign city. Sure enough he was there in his usual place in Bologna tonight. We are very lucky to have such incredible fans; all throughout this European tour we have been stunned by the reaction we have been getting and for that we are truly grateful.

For the first time I am actually going to be sad when a tour ends. Normally I’m anxious to get on with the next thing, but this tour has been the most enjoyable to date; we’ve played in cities we’ve never been to before (like Prague and Budapest), we’ve had great concerts in cities where we’ve previously had disastrous ones (like Paris) and we’ve left every city with a feeling of great satisfaction. I am writing this on the plane to Milan, where we will play tomorrow night. Barring an act of god, I know that I will see a friendly face, front row, dead centre.