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April 3, 2012 / submitted by James, Malaysia
Q.  Hello Oracle,
I was just wondering about what Paris said in the recent interview. He mentioned doing Will's drumkits for the tours. But in the Glastonbury interview, I thought Will didn't own any drumkits at all. Can you clarify the confusion?

Cheers from Malaysia!

p.s. When is Coldplay coming here? Massive fans here

As Will didn't start off as a drummer, when the band met him he didn't have a kit. Obviously when they play live he is playing "his" drum kit - it's not on loan or anything - but he's never had a kit of his own.
Bless him, he obviously sees it as a band purchase but essentially that's what he means about not owning one.

February 20, 2012 / submitted by Gaston, Argentina
Q.  Hi Oracle! I was watching this interview and I saw that Will has a tattoo on his left arm. I've never seen that so I was wandering what is it?

It's a tattoo of his first born's handprint.
Here is a slightly clearer picture of it.

January 26, 2012 / submitted by Mark, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle, I am the drummer in Viva La Coldplay (A Coldplay Tribute Band from Liverpool/Manchester). I was recently given a pair of Will's drumsticks (well used) and as a prized possession I wanted to make sure these are Will's (given to me after a show), so my question is could you tell me what sticks Will uses and are they modified in any way? I've searched the internet with little joy! As a second part to my question, how often would will change his sticks? Kind regards Mark.

Bash - Will's drum tech - told me that Will uses Pro Mark 5b American Hickory wood tips. He gets through 4 or 5 per show. Sometimes they may paint a pair but there are no other modifications.

June 29, 2011 / submitted by Joseph, Australia
Q.  Hello Oracle!

I was just wondering, on the new track Moving To Mars, who does the backing vocals/harmonies?
I know Chris does some, but in the bit where it goes, "and I heard it on a TV show..." I'm sure I can hear other voices in there. Sometimes I think it could be Will but other times I think I can hear a woman too?


Ha ha we won't tell Will you think he sounds like a woman as it is indeed him.
He's sounding pretty sublime isn't he?

May 31, 2011 / submitted by Tamar, Israel
Q.  Hey Oracle,
I don't understand if Guy joined the band in the very beggining or did he join later? If he joined later, who played bass?

Guy has been in Coldplay (well, Starfish back then) since they began. Will was a happy accident and the last to join. He did a favour by stepping in to drum on their demo but they hadn't got a permanent drummer at that time so he didn't replace anyone.

January 13, 2011 / submitted by Nathalie, Brazil
Q.  Hi Oracle

Too cold in England?
I love Will's voice in Death Will Never Conquer. He is very talented!

Tell me, what is the possibility of Will Champion singing on the next album?
I know, there's nothing wrong with Chris. He's absolutely fantastic. =)


I would say that as with Viva all four members will be singing but I can't see anyone other than Chris taking lead vocals but hey, who knows? Death Will Never Conquer was brilliant by both!

September 14, 2010 / submitted by Shayan, Canada
Q.  Hello Oracle, I recently read that you said Will had tickets to a Mumford and Sons concert (I really like them) I was just wondering how, like Will Champion would attend a concert without being bombarded by hundreds of people? I've been very curious for a while actually.

As with most bands it's usually the singer who gets most attention so Will, Guy & Jonny can usually attend gigs without much fuss. Generally people who do recognise them are very respectful of their free time and personal space so they don't get bombarded.

July 26, 2010 / submitted by Aaron, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle,

Why does Will look like he's about to knife someone in almost every band photo?


I laughed out loud at this question! There are photos of Will staring and so I can see your point but to be honest, there was a phase of him blinking as the picture was being taken so he tends to over compensate for that. There are some great photos of Will where he's not doing the stare but either way he's such a lovely person and has great presence but I can assure you he's not the least bit scary.

January 19, 2010 / submitted by Sara, Spain
Q.  Hello Oracle
I had found in the web an album of Will Champion called Crispy but I can not find any song.
Is it an album of Will?
Thanks Oracle

It's an album by Wil Champion not Will Champion. There are some sites that have the name wrong and therefore have wrongly linked Crispy to our Will but it's a case of mistaken identity.

December 15, 2009 / submitted by Daniel, Brunei
Q.  Hi Oracle!

I was watching the ad for the end of decade clearout sale and I saw Will is wearing a neck brace. Is Will had an accident or something?

I can assure the many people that have written in to ask - and all those who didn't - that Will is fine. It was all part of the sketch so his neck isn't hurt.