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September 4, 2013 / submitted by Andreea via twitter, United Kingdom
Q.  Did the band members ever make a major wrong decision w/ the potential to ruin their future& hopes? How did they cope w/ it?

The first bad decision was to call themselves Starfish but they rectified that of course. I jest of course. Or do I?
There was one huge bad decision that Chris made a very, very long time ago. To be fair, he was under a lot of pressure and it was a panic decision. It has been reported so I'm not speaking out of turn but Chris booted Will out of the band temporarily. Thankfully it didn't last long and he begged him to return which luckily for all of us, he did. Yay!

July 8, 2013 / submitted by Nikhil, India
Q.  Hey Oracle,

I know that Coldplay's first name was Pectoralz. I would like to know the meaning of that word and how many instruments does Will Champion know to play? And I'm 14.
Nikhil, India.

Coldplay's first name was not Pectoralz, it was Starfish. Pectoralz was the name of a spoof band that they had as a joke. Basically they took the word pectorals (as in pectoral muscles) and changed the 's' to a 'z'. It was all done in fun and they chose that name because Pectoralz was a boy band and most boy bands at that time were all about abs and pecs.

Will plays many instruments but the exact number isn't known. He started playing piano & violin at 8, guitar at 12 and drums at 21 - yes, really!
As a multi-instrumentalist he also plays banjo, mandolin, tin whistle etc.

June 3, 2013 / submitted by Jemma , Australia
Q.  I just finished watching Game of Thrones season 3 episode 9, and I am 99% sure that I saw Will Champion playing a drum in the band! Was that him or was I just imagining things?

Yes! After all the months of speculation about which episode he was going to appear in (we have talked about this here before), the episode featuring Will finally aired last night (June 2nd).

May 8, 2013 / submitted by Barbora, Czech Republic
Q.  Hello Oracle, I saw a few articles that said Will is going to appear in season 3 of Game of Thrones. It was a couple of months ago and there are already 5 episodes out (Will wasn't there) and there are still 5 episodes left of this season so I wanted to ask is that true? Will Will really be acting there?

As far as I know, Will is due to make a cameo appearance in Season 3 so it's not too late yet as there are still 4 episodes left.
I don't watch it so wouldn't know if I'd already missed it!

April 15, 2013 / submitted by Elizabeth, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle,
Today, for the probably the 50th time, I watched Live 2012, which is my favorite movie of all time. In the credits at the end of the movie, under "Montreal Film Crew" "Camera Operators" one of the names listed was "Will Champion" - Is that a coincidence or was Will apart of the filming?! Please let me know!
Your #1 Coldplayer,
Elizabeth :)

Yes he was! When the guys perform the Stage C segment of the show, Will is recording on a hand-held camera before he joins the rest of the band - that's why he has a filming credit.

February 14, 2013 / submitted by Danny, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Mr Oracle Sir, I've recently taken up the ukulele. Great little instrument. Do any of the band play them?

I bet Will can; he can play anything!

February 4, 2013 / submitted by David, Canada
Q.  Now that Clocks is number one on 6 Music's Greatest Hit, what does Will think about it since at first he thought it was rubbish, like he said in the Q&A part many years back on the Nissan Live sets by Yahoo.

Luckily for you, Will popped in to chat about that with Steve Lamacq when they announced the winner of the vote.

January 15, 2013 / submitted by Rowan , United States of America
Q.  Dearest Oracle,

Does Will ever get bored sitting behind his drum set? Chris runs freely around the stage and interacts with the crowd. Guy and Johnny move occasionally. I just wanted to know if Will ever yearns to work the stage a little. Cheers!


It's not like many other bands where the drummer stays in the one spot behind his kit for the entire show so, no. Will gets to move to the front, X Stage, C stage (or whatever variation they've had on previous tours).
I'm sure he wouldn't be a drummer if he wasn't happy with the idea of being at the back. Or he could have chosen to stand up like the drummer in Jellyfish.

January 4, 2013 / submitted by Kidder, United States of America
Q.  What kind of sticks does Will use, and how has he been taping them on the MX tour?


Will uses Pro Mark 5b American Hickory wood tips and gets through 4 or 5 per show but I have no idea how they're taped - sorry!

November 29, 2012 / submitted by Justine, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey, Oracle! I've been wondering, is it just me, or does Will seem to REALLY love wearing scarves? It seems that so many of his pictures are of him with a snazzy scarf to along with the outfit - are they like a go-to accessory for him? Thank you!

Ha! This made me giggle but you're right, Will does like scarves. The band as a whole do tend to wear scarves during the tour even if the weather doesn't seem to require one - good tip for singers.