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February 11, 2013 / submitted by Chris, United Kingdom
Q.  Is this painting where the album cover of Viva la Vida came from? If it is the painting, it's bad that the woman ruined it.

It's always sad when art is defaced and yes, that is the painting - Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People.
Last year there was a woman who decided to touch up a fresco -
Ecce Homo - with rather alarming results. It wasn't a deliberate attempt to ruin a work of art but ruin it she did.

November 28, 2012 / submitted by Valentina, Colombia
Q.  Why Viva La Vida? Why in Spanish? I know that it can be called Death and All his friends too, but why the alternative name?

Viva la Vida's title was inspired by Frida Kahlo's painting of the same name hence it being in Spanish. There is no alternative title; Death & All Of His Friends is a separate song that is tagged on to VLV.

July 28, 2011 / submitted by Peter, United States of America
Q.  Why didn't the band perform Viva la Vida as their encore at the iTunes music festival? The whole crowd was calling for it, it seemed. I was wondering if maybe there was a behind the scenes / technical issue and that's why?

At the end of every show* the crowd chant the woah oh oh oh oh ohs from Viva. They're not requesting it as it had already been played. Viva is played near the end of the set but I am assuming you think it was omitted after it wasn't included on the iTunes playback.
*even after the Foo Fighters finished at T in the Park the night AFTER Coldplay.

March 28, 2011 / submitted by Kate, Poland
Q.  Hi, Oracle,
maybe you've already answered this, but I wanted to ask about the Viva la Vida video, the one where Chris is dressed like a king, wandering around with the painting under his arm. Was the video inspired by the Enjoy The Silence video by Depeche Mode?
If it was, are the guys DM's fans?
AND since you are all-knowing, do you have any idea why this new Oracle page isn't working on my screen? When I try to 'roll it down' only one half of the page goes down. I've tried everthing and it's still not working.
Thanks in advance. xxx

Indeed, I have already answered this and the answers are yes and yes.

Make sure you're scrolling both arrows; the one on the far right for the website page and the Oracle one within the page. If it still doesn't work I suggest trying an alternative Internet browser e.g. Firefox or Safari...

September 1, 2010 / submitted by Rachel, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle, I was just wondering... is this video for real?

Similarly to the other question about where a video originates from, this is also an official video that can be found on the band's official YouTube page - ColdplayTV - this was the second video made for the single, an alternative if you like and an homage to Depeche Mode .

December 21, 2009 / submitted by Tamara, Romania
Q.  What did you think of the Exeter gig? :) The boys were enjoying it?

The band loved playing Exeter. Not only because it was supporting a fantastic cause but it was also a homecoming gig for Chris with an intimate gathering of 500 people. Hopefully you will have caught up with events of the day via Anchorman's live photo blog. He also posted a great video of 500 people sounding more like 5000 in a clip of Viva la Vida!