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August 19, 2014 / submitted by Saad , Morocco
Q.  Dear Oracle, were you or Anchorman in ASFOS video ? (Just read your answer among today's questions and it made me think...)
Thanks a lot !

Nope. We weren't in Australia with the band. The video was a very last minute affair so it has to be someone who was already with them.

August 18, 2014 / submitted by Andrea, Peru
Q.  Hi Oracle,
Why Phil was in a koala suit on the #ASFOS video?

Was he? I think you are mistaken. I do spy a fan in an elephant costume at the end in the square but that was not scripted. There were no other animal suits that I can see. CORRECTION! I must need my eyes testing (again) because there IS a koala suit and it's not the only animal suit either!
There was somebody in the video that you may recognise but nobody has asked me yet. Maybe that person has not been spotted... Yet.

August 12, 2014 / submitted by Rhys, Canada
Q.  Is it too late to tweet an #ASFOSstar to Coldplay? I just got Twitter and missed out on posting it for the band to see.

#ASFOSstar wasn't something we gave a deadline for. We obviously posted a collection of photos already but there's nothing to stop you tweeting yours now.

August 7, 2014 / submitted by Brennen Diehl, United States of America
Q.  Is the beach in the alternate video for Viva la Vida and Yellow the same beach?

No. Yellow's beach is in Dorset ( Studland Bay). The alternative video for Viva was shot in The Hague so I assume the beach was somewhere nearby but it definitely wasn't Dorset.

July 24, 2014 / submitted by Danny, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle!

I have just been watching the Life in Technicolor ii video, and for the first time I noticed a sign that said 'Heswall Village Fete' I'm wondering whether the video was recorded in Heswall, Merseyside?


Danny :)

No, it wasn't. Dougal Wilson - the director - talked to Anchorman about the location:
"I wanted it to be in a very unsuspecting English village hall, so I tried to find the kind of place where the local ladies guild would have their meetings. But it was quite hard to find places that weren't being used, because those sort of halls are always being used by the table tennis club, or something. We searched for ages and then that one became available. It's in a place called Aldenham which is near Watford. Interestingly it's the same village where they shot the TV adaptation of the Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham, called Village Of The Damned. So it's got some film heritage."

July 24, 2014 / submitted by Nathan, United Kingdom
Q.  Greetings Oracle,

I noticed that somebody by the name of "Tree" submitted a very rude question a while back about a video competition of sorts. What was that about?

P.s. I loved your response.


Ha! I had forgotten all about that, Nathan. In October 2008, we launched a competition for fans to make a video to Lost?
Tree quite clearly got the hump.

Paul O' Brien was the eventual (worthy) winner.

July 7, 2014 / submitted by Maria, Venezuela
Q.  Hi Oracle! Just a question: Is there an alternative video for A Sky Full Of Stars?

No, there isn't an "alternative" video - though another video exists. In the case of Violet Hill & Viva la Vida, two videos were shot with the intention of both were released. The ASFOS video shot in Australia is the only one that we'll see.

July 2, 2014 / submitted by D, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle, just checking; is it ok to upload videos from the gigs online? Also was Debs wearing a stripy skirt last night? I thought I saw her right at the end! So belated 'hello' if it was!! X

Oh please do upload your photos and videos here. We're all about sharing.
Debs was there but wasn't wearing a stripy skirt.
I saw a lot of familiar faces myself and everyone was in fine voice. What a show!
Hope everyone listening at home enjoyed it too.

July 1, 2014 / submitted by Kristian, Sweden
Q.  Where is the official Violet Hill video on YouTube released by Parlophone?

You can see it on the Coldplay channel.
If you go to our Recordings section, you can find the videos for each single there too.

June 30, 2014 / submitted by pam soap, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle, I was strolling through Coldplay's videos and I found the one for In My Place. I noticed two dark figures at the very back. Was that part of the video? If so why?

If you type in my place into the search field on the Oracle page, you will see I have answered this - most recently in April. It's also on wikipedia . The women were a wardrobe assistant and the then video commissioner at EMI, Faith Holmes. The reason the director (Sophie Muller) decided to keep them in shot was to show the expanse of the room.