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January 8, 2009 / submitted by Sofie, Sweden
Q.  I've been thinking, since the viva tour is over, does it mean that there isn't going to be any more of Roadie #42? Or will there be a new one to the next tour?

Who said the tour is over? It's a lie! Roadie #42 will return when the band go back out on the road which isn't that long off.

January 8, 2009 / submitted by Conor, Ireland
Q.  Hi, any chance of giving Roadie #42 a kick in the ass and get him to write about his experiences in Dublin and Belfast. I would particularly like to hear what he makes of the new O2 venue in Dublin.


I should imagine he's still asleep! Roadie #42 doesn't write up every tour date and the very last ones usually don't appear due to the fact that he's absolutely exhausted and taking a very well earned break. I'd guess he feels that it was too long ago in the past to write about now.