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March 24, 2014 / submitted by Jake, United States of America
Q.  It is darn near impossible to find out I have looked everywhere online! Your my last hope. Should have been my first go too since your all knowing. What guitar strings (brand/gauge) does Jonny like to use?

Over to Matt McGinn for this one.

"We've always used D'addario but only cos that was what on his guitar when I first met him!
That said, they do have the advantage of having colour coded ends for each individual string - handy in a hurry. 

We do use Ernie Ball's too though, there doesn't seem to be much in it, tone or quality-wise.  No colour coding but each string comes in an individual envelope with a big number on it so you know the gauge.
Jonny's main guitars are set up with regular tens but we'll mix it up for odd tunings, such as Violet Hill which has a big fat bottom string to allow for being tuned down to C#.

Thanks, Matt!

March 24, 2014 / submitted by Harrison, Australia
Q.  Hey Oracle, I have a riddle for you!

What do you call a trio of roadie bikers?
(I'd really like to know as I didn't get what Phil meant to other day when he posted this)


A gaggle of geese, a murder of crows, a flock of sheep, a herd of cows, a pride of lions etc. There is no answer for a trio of roadie bikers - it was just a little joke.

January 9, 2014 / submitted by Chloe, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi dear Oracle,
I was wondering what Miller's role was exactly towards the band. We know that he is partly in charge of the multimedia things as doing photography and video footages, then writing his Roadie#42 blogs. But I guess those things don't take him all of his time, so what is he doing aside from this, in the studio, etc? I am quite curious about that.
All the best for the new year and cheers to all the roadies!

I hope he doesn't mind me saying so but Miller is quite possibly the busiest of anyone behind the scenes. It takes a lot longer than you think; he's constantly working. The video footage - whittling down, editing and creating is very time consuming. Whenever you see Miller be it in a car, in departure lounges, planes, backstage, onstage (you get the idea), he is working.
At the live shows he started as Chris' piano/keyboard technician and is now is in charge of all Pro Tools.
He's always the last to arrive at an aftershow party - if at all - due to his unshakeable conscientiousness. Oh and that amazing Christmas Lights video we had on the home page over Christmas, yup, that was Miller. Respect.
Oh and I swear he didn't pay me to say any of this!

November 7, 2013 / submitted by Carly, Australia
Q.  Hello from downunder! I wish I could thank the band so charitable. I'm confused to who Roadie #42 is I have read Roadie My life On The Road With Coldplay by Matt Miller who often mentions he isn't Mr 42!

That's actually inaccurate, Carly. Roadie was written by Matt McGinn, not Matt Miller. Matt McGinn often mentions he's not Roadie #42 because Matt Miller is.

August 22, 2013 / submitted by Rose, Turkey
Q.  Hello Oracle!
I want to ask you something which I was curious about since the concert. Who is this fabulous Roadie? We loved him too much in Prague show and he got a hell of an applause every time he went on stage check :) Also, did the band had a chance to visit the John Lennon Wall while they were in Prague? It is like a living artwork of MX cover :) Lots of love from Turkey!

His name is Ali. He was the RF technician on the MX tour which is why he has receivers clipped all over him. His job is to look after all the radio gear.

The band didn't have time for sightseeing on the European leg of the tour. The wall looks pretty impressive.

July 31, 2012 / submitted by Iris, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle,
After Coldplay's tour is over in November what happens to the roadies?
Thank You :)

They get to rest, go on holiday, return home to their families and then start all over again - with another band. There is a handful of our roadies who remain with the boys even when they're not touring but most other crew members will go on the road again. It's a hard life - really hard work but most of them wouldn't have it any other way.

May 10, 2012 / submitted by Ragnhild, Norway
Q.  How do you become a Coldplay roadie? What are their qualifications and their job?

It's not really a question I can answer because to be honest, it would be better to become a roadie and see where it leads you rather than picking a band and wanting to be their roadie specifically.
There are many different roles and jobs within the career path of a roadie depending on what part of the road crew you want to be in i.e. piano tech, guitar tech etc.
Most of the roadies I know either started out in bands themselves or hung around live music venues helping out bands. Technical knowledge is vital in some positions so again, it depends on what kind of roadie you want to be.
Roadies tend to get jobs by being recommended by their roadie mates and so it's word of mouth. I'd suggest that if you're serious about it, make yourself pretty indispensable and forget about having a girlfriend - you'll never see her. I'm half joking of course.
Matt McGinn's Roadie book is the best place for you to start your research but you may also like this website.

January 11, 2011 / submitted by Suzana, Brazil
Q.  Hello, Oracle! How has 2011 been so far?

Do you have any idea if Matt McGinn's book is the process of being translated into other languages? It'd be great to read it in our languages.

One more question (two, actually): is it possible to get, through Coldplay's website, the good old e-zines? Is is possible that anything similar will done again (this would be beyond great)?

Thanks in advance!

As far as I know Matt's book is not currently being translated into other languages but the paperback edition of the book is now available from Amazon UK. You can get it by clicking here.

The ezines are actually accessible via the Internet as pdf files rather than through our site (old or new). They pop up for me every so often on Google. I also stumbled across this site so they are definitely out there.

They're part of the old site so we don't have them archived on the current one. As we have our wonderful Roadie #42 blogs, Anchorman's newsreels and regular Messengers sent out there's no need for an ezine.

April 13, 2010 / submitted by Tania, Mexico
Q.  Hi Oracle!
I went to last gig from the band in Mexico and I thought really funny the dancer who show up at the beginning of the gig and I was wondering, who's was the idea? Great show! Haha another thing, I know that yesterday was Guy's birthday, would you say happy birthday to Guy for me? That's all thanks a lot.

I have mentioned Wayne before as many people were curious to who he was but while I was in Latin America I got to meet the man in question and learn a little bit more.
Wayne Kwiat had been break-dancing for a laugh in the wings before Coldplay took to the stage. The crew would shine their lights on him and it was all a bit of fun before the show started. However, one night Chris's dad saw him and the next thing you know Wayne is performing onstage almost every night in front of very large crowds!
FYI: During the Latin American tour Wayne only appeared in Argentina, one night in Mexico City and the final night in Monterrey.

March 18, 2010 / submitted by Lucas, United Kingdom
Q.  Any news on Matt McGinn's Roadie book?

Funny you should mention that because Matt sent me a photo yesterday of him with his very own copy of said book! The book is set to hit the shops on May 17th weather permitting.