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November 21, 2012 / submitted by Katelyn, United States of America
Q.  Is there any personal meaning behind the writing of Paradise to the band?

There was a newspaper that reported the song was inspired by the 'everyday childhood disappointments' experienced by Chris' daughter.
He himself said: "Paradise is about a girl really, the female half of the album, just about being a bit lost in the world and escaping through fantasy."
Don't forget, the band also said the album is more of a concept album than anything.

November 8, 2012 / submitted by Ben, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle,
At the end of the Paradise video when the Chris elephant meets the rest of the 'elephant band' in the savannah, is it actually the band members in the costumes or just actors?

Thanks! :)

Yes, it really was the whole band involved in being the elephant band. That was a long, hot day!

October 31, 2012 / submitted by Melanie, St Lucia
Q.  I have to say that Coldplay's music videos are some of the most innovative and entertaining that I have ever come across.
Do the video concepts come from the band themselves?

Sometimes but by no means every time. They have a video commissioner at their label plus Phil Harvey is very involved in that creative process of looking at directors, pitches and treatments for video ideas.
The whole concept for the Paradise video came from Chris and was all planned last minute while they were in South Africa.

October 9, 2012 / submitted by Pepijn, Netherlands
Q.  Dear Oracle,

Today I found this awesome video from the directors of the Strawberry Swing video. They made an alternative music video for Paradise and I LOVED it. So I was wondering, has Coldplay had anything to do with this video?? I have, I think, never seen it anywhere on the website. I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with everyone.

Greetings from Holland.

Yes, that was the first incarnation of the Paradise video before Chris came up with the concept for the award-winning elephant video that became the official video for the song.
I like Shynola's work but am so happy with the band's final decision as Paradise is still my favourite Coldplay video so far.

May 14, 2012 / submitted by Elise, Brazil
Q.  There was a rumor that Brazilian model Cintia Dicker attended the Paradise video. There are photos on twitter with pictures of the band a shot of the video, that does not appear in any of the two already presented. There is another version of Paradise?

Yes, as you have seen photos I can tell you there was another video but it was - we won't be seeing it. I for one am very happy the first was discarded because the elephant video is my favourite Coldplay video ever.

May 1, 2012 / submitted by Zuzana, Slovakia
Q.  Dear Oracle,
there is a reality show in our country called Hotel Paradise (which is not of very high quality, and that is quite an understatement).
They are using the Coldplay song (Paradise, obviously) as their theme tune. Is it legal? I would be very surprised if it was approved by the band. Here is the trailer.
Many thanks for replying!

When you say "here is the trailer", that is all it seems to be. The music can be used in the trailer but it will not be the theme tune for the actual show - that would be a different case completely.
As far as I can tell the theme tune is performed by Tereza Kerndlova and Slovak Miso Biely. The song it titled Vsetko sa da.

January 9, 2012 / submitted by Olivia, Canada
Q.  Paradise is absolutely one of my favorite songs, but lately I've started to ponder over the meaning. The dictionary says paradise is a place of extreme beauty, delight, or happiness. I think that paradise is different for everyone and that it is always beautiful, but somewhat unattainable. O mighty oracle, what is your definition of paradise?
From a Candian Coldplayer,

Paradise does represent different thing to different people but you can't re-write its dictionary definition. You're right in some ways as a place of extreme beauty, delight or happiness may not always be achievable.
The first meaning of paradise I encountered was at church when at primary school. Heaven was commonly referred to as paradise - I suppose it fits - though these days that's the last thing I would think of when thinking of my own paradise. The Maldives is the closest I came to feeling I was in a real paradise but then I also visited a local island where locals lived and it was anything but in comparison. It opened to my eyes to how man-made and false paradise can be too.

November 14, 2011 / submitted by Talia, Canada
Q.  Oh great Oracle, can Chris really ride a unicycle in an elephant suit?

You saw it with your own eyes so why don't you believe it to be true? Ok, well if you need proof, read the interview with Mat Whitecross who tells Anchorman all about the video.

October 20, 2011 / submitted by France, Canada
Q.  Hi Oracle,

I saw the Paradise video and it made my day. And what a day it was...
Can you share a funny story about the shoot? I am sure that there is one... an elephant does not blend well in our busy cities.

As it was filmed in different locations it was pieced together over quite a time.
The South African outdoor shots were filmed on 7th October and the live performance was the following night at the Johannesburg gig.
The week after when they got back to London, Chris shot the underground scenes. I do have a funny story (well, I think it's funny) from that day.
On 11th October, Shaun Weston (from Bristol) wrote on twitter, "I rode a Charing Cross escalator with Chris Martin today. He was dressed as an elephant. Anyone else see him, or was I dreaming?"

I know a few people saw Chris that day and it did surprise a few fans.

October 20, 2011 / submitted by Jessica, United States of America
Q.  Dearest Oracle,
I am in love with the song Paradise and rightly so I am also in love with the music video for it. I have a question though. Why does Guy have a different elephant suit than everyone else? I noticed that his suit is darker than the rest and doesn't have elephant feet/shoes. Also why doesn't Guy's elephant have any identifying features like Johnny's has his trademark hat and Will's has a pair of glasses? Also why does Will's elephant have glasses? I don't recall ever seeing him wear glasses during performances.

Thank you Oracle!
p.s. I want to tell the band that I loved that they used elephants over any other animals, they're the best, both the band and elephants.


See, the fact that Guy's elephant doesn't have elephant feet makes him different and so maybe that's his defining difference?
I actually wonder if there's more to a passing nod to The Banana Splits, a late 60's children's entertainment combo. They had an elephant who wore glasses - although Snorky (the bespectacled one) wasn't the drummer; he was the keyboard player.
I have seen Will wear glasses - granted not during a performance but that wouldn't be practical anyway given the power machine that he is. Can you imagine attempting Politik and avoiding glasses steaming up or flying off? No, I didn't think so...
One of The Banana Splits doesn't have his animal's feet, so maybe as with Guy, the normal feet is another nod?