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April 29, 2009 / submitted by Jonsey, United States of America
Q.  Was there ever a CD-R demo of the 2-track Ode to Deodorant release? OR was it recorded directly to cassette, then dubbed cassette to cassette?

There was a CD-R demo but it was distributed on cassette, though not as a release. It was for demo purposes only.

April 16, 2009 / submitted by Sabrina, United States of America
Q.  O great Oracle, reply to the questions that follow please :)
Coldplay's fame starter was the two songs "Brothers and Sisters" and "Ode to Deodorant" that are on "The Safety EP".
Question 1:
How come "Brothers and Sisters" is available on iTunes and "Ode to Deodorant" is not?
Question 2:
Is there any way for Coldplay to get their older music onto US iTunes?
Question 3: Do you have any idea where I could download "Ode to Deodorant" from?
Please reply!
Thank you,
Sabrina, THE die hard Coldplay fan :)

Neither of those songs were on the Safety E.P although they were songs that helped them on their path.
Ode to Deodorant isn't available anywhere, except the odd copy that turns up on auction sites but as it was never released and only recorded for demo purposes, it shouldn't really be readily available and there's definitely no way it would be on iTunes. I can't suggest anywhere for that rarity.
Unreleased songs from way back aren't likely to turn up on any iTunes at this stage to be honest.

March 6, 2009 / submitted by Carol, Brazil
Q.  Dear Oracle, is Ode to Deodorant¬Ě a Jatravartid song?

I can see why you would ask given that people are making many connections between Coldplay and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Jatravartid invented aerosol deodorant but no, the song is not about them.

January 20, 2009 / submitted by Sunil, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi, was Ode to Deodorant ever produced onto a cd as demo/promo?

A cassette (the master copy was on CD) was handed out to record labels as a promo but there was no kind of release like that of Safety E.P.