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February 12, 2014 / submitted by Grace, Australia
Q.  Hello Oracle!! :D
How are you? I hope you're well!! My question is: Which album was the hardest to make. I understand that every album has its long hours where you probably feel sick of the sight of seeing instruments , but did the boys find one album harder? Perhaps Parachutes being their first, or MX because it was a completely new wave of material for the band.
Thanks Oracle!

The short answer is X&Y.

Parachutes got off to a tough start as they began working with a producer who just wasn't right for them so they had to start again. Once they "found" Ken Nelson, things went pretty smoothly for a debut record.
There was a fair amount of pressure recording the follow up, A Rush Of Blood to the Head. Not just because an artist's second album is often notoriously called the Difficult Second Album but the sessions produced a lot of new material - written and demoed. The band decided to push the release date back to get it right.
X&Y was the most difficult for a number of reasons mostly down to many changes. The major one being Phil was on hiatus and they really felt the huge gap he left behind. Without him, they drifted a little.
Phil's return and the set up of The Bakery & Beehive for Viva & MX has certainly made the process easier. Hurrah!

November 27, 2013 / submitted by Harvey, United Kingdom
Q.  Hello Oracle,
I managed to get two tickets for Under 1 Roof (I can't wait). However, I was wondering if you know what the band will be wearing? Will it be Mylo Xyloto related or Lp 6 related? I have my own MX jacket I have made, I wore it to their gig last year and I was going to wear it again if they were going to 'suit up' as well :)

Many thanks, Harvey

I think you should wear it regardless though as it's been 2 years since the end of the MX tour, I very much doubt the band will be wearing their MX outfits for the charity show.

October 24, 2013 / submitted by Saakshi, India
Q.  Hey Oracle!
Can you please confirm the date when Mylo Xyloto released? Was it 19th October or 24th October? Also, which is your favourite song from the album?
I'll be very glad if you answer my question.

Thank You

It depends what territory you live in.
For example, the release day for albums in Japan is Wednesday. However, in the UK it's Monday (sometimes Sunday) and in the U.S it's Tuesday.
This means that MX was released in Japan on the 19th, the U.K on the 24th and the U.S on the 25th.
There were other release dates for other territories.

July 4, 2013 / submitted by Raj , Canada
Q.  Hi Oracle, I've been reading the MX comics upto the latest issue 5, and I'm confused about exactly how each of the songs fits into the plot line of the Mylo Xyloto comic series. The song Major Minus is obviously a reference to the antagonist, but what about the others? Up In Flames, for example? Princess of China etc. I'm not sure there is even a "China" in the fictional universe of Silencia.

Although the character of Mylo, comic and album are intrinsically linked, they are not running alongside each other in tandem. There are themes reflected in the music but that doesn't mean that every song is represented in the comic and vice versa with characters and storylines not mentioned in the album.

June 11, 2013 / submitted by Paulo, Portugal
Q.  Dear Coldplay,
We have just bought the Coldplay Live 2012 Concert film. It is an amazing film, that brings back some wonderful memories. We only went puzzled when you say that you started the tour on Madrid. Did you forgot the extraordinary concert that you did in Oporto on the 18 May??
Paulo and Cristina.

The Madrid show mentioned in the Live 2012 is not the one you're thinking of. The first live gig of the MX era was in Madrid on 26 October 2011. They played there again on 20 May 2012 as part of the full tour.

Once the album was released there were TV, Radio, charity and special perfomances before the tour kicked off proper on 3rd December in Glasgow. Portugal was around the 22nd night of the tour.

May 15, 2013 / submitted by Becca, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle! :) So I was looking around on iTunes and I found this. It's by a band called Mylo Xyloto, and it was released before Coldplay's album Mylo Xyloto was released.
There is also an album by that band. I was just wondering if this has anything to do with Coldplay.
Thanks so much! :)
-- Becca

Strange that there is no artwork, no information and no band photo.
This has nothing to do with Coldplay at all and I urge you not to buy that single (1'03!) or album as I suspect it's not going to be what you think.

Firstly Mylo Xyloto didn't exist until the band came up with the name. Mylo may be a familiar name but Xyloto is original.
Secondly, the "artist" could have changed the details after MX came out but I assure you, that it is not legitimate at all.

They have a page on another site and the "album" is dodgy live recordings and video clips.
Stay well clear and I'll investigate further.

April 16, 2013 / submitted by Wendy, United Kingdom
Q.  I have not heard one thing about Coldplay in so long. I was listening to my two favorite songs off of MX last night, Hurts Like Heaven, and Don't let it Break Your Heart, and thinking these songs are so special to me and make me feel like crying but in a good way. I hope the band will make more music in the near future. Thanks.


We have been updating the news section of the website & tweeting. In fact, today's news (& imminent Coldplay Messenger newsletter) contain info about one of your aforementioned favourite tracks.

It's Record Store Day in the UK on Saturday (20th April). There is a special picture disc limited edition release of Hurts Like Heaven and Us Against The World (Live). It will also contain Issue One of the Mylo Xyloto Comic.

More information was posted by Anchorman earlier.

March 26, 2013 / submitted by Ira, Russia
Q.  I heard that Chris had said that the name of the next album would be easier to pronounce. So the name of the next album has already exist. When will the band be ready to declare it?

All he was saying there was that Mylo Xyloto was problematic for most to say. It was tricky to know where to put the emphasis on Xyloto and whether to pronounce it with 2 or 3 syllables for example.
The band will not declare the final title (or any working titles) until the album is ready.

January 28, 2013 / submitted by Jule,
Q.  Hello,
a few days ago you said something about a folder with icons and images you could download from which was called Coldplay Tour.
Can I still download it?
It would be nice if you answer.
Thank you and nice greetings!

This is the link for the MX digital tour pack.

October 24, 2012 / submitted by Daniel, United Kingdom
Q.  So come on then, which came first... The comic/story or the album?

Well this is interesting because they were working on both at the same time yet both were very separate entities. However, the name Mylo Xyloto was first associated with the comic.
It was only later when the musical direction of the album changed and the comic idea was put on the back burner that the name became the album's name.
I hope that makes sense!