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October 31, 2013 / submitted by German , Mexico
Q.  Let me tell you that Mexicans are ones of the most intense fans of worldwide bands. Simply, Metallica and Muse had been here for long periods giving sold-out concerts. So, do you still think that coming here is worthless?

Woah! Hang on, German we have NEVER said that and have NEVER thought that so not sure why you're under that impression. The band love Mexico and always have a great show there.
They have played the country several times and have been not only to Mexico City but Guadalajara and Monterrey too.
They will be back I'm sure.

September 30, 2013 / submitted by Miguel, Mexico
Q.  Dear Oracle:

I read on a previous question about this time when the band left the stadium after the concert and half an hour later they were able to see the crowd leaving the venue from their plane because it was so close to the airport. My question is: Did this happen in Mexico City? Because our airport is literally a few blocks away from the Foro Sol stadium, practically in the middle of the city. (Did you know that pilots get paid more for landing in Mexico City because of how difficult and dangerous is to land at our airport?)

Indeed I think it actually was, Miguel. That would have been after the show in March 2010. I was on that tour so it makes sense now looking back. I did not know that about the pilots but I doubt that applied to our flight. We had the same pilot for the entire tour. I recall the second in command was called Nacho.

February 13, 2013 / submitted by Ana Karen, Mexico
Q.  Is it true that Coldplay is going to give two free concerts here in Mexico due to the Non Violence Foundation? I really want this to be real but I have my doubts, so... I wanted to ask you, dear Oracle.

No. There is absolutely no truth to the "news" that Coldplay are performing at La Fundacion No Violence.
I'm not sure how the rumours started but since a lot of you are asking, I wanted to clear it up.