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February 10, 2011 / submitted by Ollie, United Kingdom
Q.  After the question about the alternative version of Talk, I began to wonder whether practically all the songs have different sets of lyrics that were not used for the released version, or if it's only a few.
Also, how do unreleased songs/versions get into people's hands in the first place?
Thank you :)

It's not really a quantifiable answer. It really is just a simple matter of a song evolving during the writing/recording or performing stages. For instance some tracks don't actually have any lyrics so Chris may make some up on the spot when doing a demo of it; some of those lyrics may then stick. Other times a song can appear as if by divine intervention and present itself practically complete. It's not a set in stone process and so there are varying degrees of an odd word change to entire verses and choruses being re-written - as with How You See the World no. 2.

I don't want to accuse anyone but how songs are leaked depends very much on the quality of recording we're talking about so without pointing the finger (they know who they are...) it can be a somewhat inside job, misplaced carelessness or live bootlegging. If there's one copy of an unreleased track that can soon multiply and with the Internet it's pretty viral.

March 27, 2009 / submitted by Irene, Netherlands
Q.  Dear Oracle,
A lot of us Coldplayers have been wondering about the lyrics to The World Turned Upside Down off the Fix You single for a long time now. There's one line in the third verse that was quite difficult to make out, so when your spanking new discography came online we rejoiced in the hope of finally seeing the actual words. But the line has been left out of the lyrics on the site! What, oh, what did Chris (intend to?) sing here?
The offending passage is:

X is Y
The land, sea, rivers, trees, the stars, the sky
365 degrees
All of the surface and the underneath
And everything under the sun
And everything under the sun

Yours truly,

Ha ha ha this made me laugh because of course we knew people would notice but would you believe that we do not know what the missing lyric is? This has happened before where Chris will change lyrics or make them up spontaneously so sometimes the recordings have very random words thrown in there that even Chris can't recall. As you can hear with TWTUD, that line is impossible to understand!

February 13, 2009 / submitted by Mario, Portugal
Q.  I oracle,

I want to know, and since you know everything what can I do to send a new lyric an a new song to Chris, for he use in a concert/album?'s a special song because was wrote with words of Coldplay┬┤s music.

Hello, I'm ever so sorry but we don't accept lyrics for consideration as the band do like to write their own material. Don't give up; maybe you could perform it yourself?

February 10, 2009 / submitted by Mike, United States of America
Q.  I was watching the Grammys and I noticed how Chris added some lyrics to "Viva La Vida". I liked the extra lyrics he added. Is there any chance the band might re-release the song with the added lyrics?

No, because that song has been released and there'll be no re-release with alternative lyrics or otherwise. They're not actually new lyrics that he's singing, if you see the question answered immediately before this one, you will find the answer. Chris does this a lot, he adds lyrics from either his favourite song at the moment or someone he wants to pay homage to, so it's not unusual at all.

January 5, 2009 / submitted by Nishat, India
Q.  Heyi Oracle... i just read somehwere few days back that Coldplay has published a book which contains all their songs' lyrics and their meanings... is it true? if yes then where can i find it?

I'm afraid no such book exists.