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January 13, 2010 / submitted by Rimmal, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle! I hope you will answer this question for me. At the 2003 Live 8 show, Chris sings an extra line in the end of In My Place that goes, "I like it, I like it," etc. Why did he add the extra line? Thanks!!

It was 2005 not 2003 but the extra line Chris added to In My Place was taken from Status Quo's Rocking All Over the World. He added it because, well, all the artists taking part were literally rocking all over the world as it was a global concert taking place almost simultaneously in 10 different places.

January 7, 2010 / submitted by Jack, United States of America
Q.  I had 4 shows I attended interrupted by camera equipment and you say there are not plans for live CD/DVD? Seriously?

I can understand why you may assume that but how do you think they film the images that are projected onto the big screens? I actually said there were no plans for a live album so cameras would have nothing to do with a CD. Before you get excited that does not mean there's going to be a DVD!

December 16, 2009 / submitted by aidan, Azerbaijan
Q.  Hello from Azerbaijan! Will the fifth studio album feature concert picks, because I think Coldplay is one of the best live performers, I'd kinda like to have some of their live songs.

Hello Azerbaijan! The band have never included live tracks on any studio album.
The only official live tracks available are on certain b-sides (check out our Recordings section), the Live 2003 CD and the free LeftRightLeftRightLeft CD that was given away during the latest tour.

March 23, 2009 / submitted by Rudolf, Slovakia
Q.  Hi dear Oracle,
I always believed and I still do, that guys are playing everything live...but from current tour I have seen many performances and I really liked it! :o) BUT, in songs like Viva la vida or Lovers in Japan there are some parts (strings in VLV or the sound I cannot describe in LIJ) - and those parts sound always the same, as if they were pre-prepared and recorded (and of course I can't see who should be playing those parts), do you know what I mean?
I can't wait for your answer...


I do know what you mean. The guys are playing their parts live and as you can probably work out, they aren't able to play every single sound we hear on the album as there's rather a lot going on. It's usual to have pre-recorded parts in these circumstances. There have been occasions where live music was played off stage. For example, Matt McGinn used to play Chris' guitar part in Yellow during one tour, as Chris decided he wanted to run around the stage more.