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November 14, 2013 / submitted by Leticia, Chile
Q.  Q. Hi Oracle!
I heared Atlas and I have a question... what would you like more? Katniss with Peeta or Katniss with Gale? #teampeeta or #teamgale?

love to Chris, Guy, Will and Jonny.

I went to the premiere on Monday and that is the very first time I have read / seen anything to do with The Hunger Games. I was very confused as I had no point of reference at all. Katniss seems equally confused as she clearly loves both. I don't know how the trilogy ends but I suspect she will be with Peeta even though I'm possibly leaning towards Team Gale.
I really think I should read the books.

November 5, 2013 / submitted by Luninefrendor, Mexico
Q.  Hello Oracle What do you know about We're a Team by Coldplay from the Hunger Games?

That title isn't a new song; it's the name for the instrumental music used in the film that features Atlas hence it having another writer also credited.

September 12, 2013 / submitted by Karen , Mexico
Q.  Hi Oracle! Do you know if Chris read The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to write Atlas? I think this song really reflects Katniss' feelings over the book.

Well, as I mentioned t'other day, this isn't a case of a previously available song being selected for the film, it's a brand new track written specifically for Catching Fire.
With that in mind, I'm not sure how Chris (or anyone) could ever write a track for a book to film adaptation without reading it.
What I'm saying is, knowing him as I do, I don't need to ask him to know that the answer is yes.