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March 12, 2013 / submitted by Alice, Brazil
Q.  Hey Oracle!
I've always wondered, how does Guy divide his time between Apparatjik and Coldplay? He works more on Coldplay, doesn't he? And do Jonny, Will and Chris feel bad about him being also in another band? Thanks for answering

The thing with Apparatjik is that all the members have also been busy with primary jobs; Mags was still in A-ha until quite recently, Jonas from Mew has band commitments and Martin continues with his "day job".
They make it work around their priorities. Guy's priority is Coldplay but when the band aren't in the studio or touring, he's free to work elsewhere as he has done - not just with Apparatjik.
It's not just Guy though. Chris, Jonny & Will have all collaborated, performed, guested (or whatever) with other artists.

January 16, 2013 / submitted by Ida, Denmark
Q.  Hey Oracle!
I read in a Danish music magazine that Chris has tried to sell one night with Guy for one million dollars for charity. Is this true or is it just another one of Chris' hilarious jokes?
Love from Denmark!

It's absolutely a joke. I've had a couple of people asking for more details on that auction but of course it's not happening. Chris was making a reference to Guy's good looks. They're all good looking - obviously.

January 7, 2013 / submitted by Saakshi, India
Q.  Dear Oracle,
Who is the guy in this picture between Lady Gaga and Guy? Also, are any of the Coldplay band members likely to join twitter?


The guy is another Guy - Guy Garvey from the band Elbow.
I doubt very much the band members will ever tweet via a personal account.

October 25, 2012 / submitted by Alinda, Australia
Q.  What's Chris Martin's official facebook?? Pls I need to know!!! Thanx Oracle!!

He doesn't have one & never has. In fact, the only member of the band who has ever had a Facebook account is Guy but not any more. He closed it years ago.

August 2, 2012 / submitted by Chris, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle.
So I know that Will sings as back up most of the time. Jonny does back up in Don't Panic, but what about Guy. Has he ever sung and if so where? If not, why? Does he sing bad or does he just not want to.
Thanks, Chris.

Guy can sing; he sings backing vocals on Fix You & Viva la Vida for example.
He also sings with Apparatjik too.

July 30, 2012 / submitted by Karynna, United States of America
Q.  Oh omniscient oracle,

Guy produced an album with a band I think it was a male/female duo, but I can't remember the name. I know he's done work with Apparatjik and The Pierces and Hudson Hank but for some reason, I can't think of what band it might be.

Do you think you could help me out?


Allison Pierce also features in the male/female duo you're thinking of: James Levy & The Blood Red Rose - as well as The Pierces.

July 9, 2012 / submitted by Sally, United States of America
Q.  I heard on KROQ that someone is looking for classic cars to restore? I have a sweet 1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible that was partially restored by my dad a few years ago. It's in good condition, and would be a nice project for someone who loves old cars! I do not have time to care for her myself, for I am moving across country very soon (from Fullerton,CA to Springfield,MA).

You can find out more about the project here, as I'm not the middleman and don't really know much more than you.
If your car sounds like what Guy's looking for, feel free to email photos in - to the address given.

June 25, 2012 / submitted by Rose, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I went to the second Manchester gig (which was amazing!!), and at the end was lucky enough to get one of the band's guitar picks when a roadie threw it off stage. I was wondering whose it was - do you have any idea which of the band uses yellow .73mm Dunlop picks? Thanks :)

I do, thanks to Matt McGinn & Hoppy who both confirmed that what you have in your possession is one of Guy's picks.

March 29, 2012 / submitted by Arthur, Paraguay
Q.  Is Guy going to be in NYC for The Pierces's concert on Thursday night?

I shouldn't think so Arthur as he lives in the U.K and as far as I know, is at home at the moment.

February 16, 2012 / submitted by Grace, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle!

I have realized that in all of Coldplay's interviews Guy never talks, most of the time he's not even in the interview. I understand why Chris is always the one talking and sometimes Will or Jonny are with him, but what about Guy? By the way he's really handsome :) just saying lol.

Never say never honey. Here's Guy only last year talking at T in the Park.
There are various videos of Guy being interviewed over the years; YouTube have quite a few for starters.
Enjoy Grace!