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January 14, 2015 / submitted by Luisa , Brazil
Q.  Hi there Oracle! I'd like to know which country had the most numbers of Coldplay's concert and also if there is any song that had never been played live, is there? Thanks so much for your time!

It probably won't surprise anyone that USA has had the most number of concerts. Given its size, it's hardly a shock statistic.
For anyone that's interested, their home country comes in second.

I've talked about which songs haven't been played before. There aren't many if we're sticking with albums only (not b-sides, EP tracks etc.) Off the top of my head, Twisted Logic always comes up as one obvious one given the tour at the time of its appearance was called Twisted Logic.

December 15, 2014 / submitted by David, Netherlands
Q.  Hey Oracle!
There are a lot of concerts that I want to go to, but I can't find anyone to go with, because most of my friends don't like the artist or don't have the money. Should I go alone? I don't think it'll be the same fun as going with friends. Have you ever been to a concert on your own?

Many, many times! The most recent being on 30th November. If it was a choice of not going or going alone, I would always choose to go alone.
Once when I was travelling back from a gig I had been to alone, I met someone on the train who had been to the same one and we got talking. 25 years later, we're still friends and have been to loads of other concerts together!

November 19, 2014 / submitted by Maximilian, Germany
Q.  Today the boys announced that there will be a concert in Munich on December 6th. They wrote: (...) Ghost Stories Live 2014 concert film and live album with a one-off show (...) So my question is what does one-off show mean? Will it be a full GS concert where they only play the album like the one in LA? Or is it a normal GS tour concert where they play songs from GS and the other albums?


One-off simply means there are no more dates scheduled; it's not part of a tour. It's a full-length gig but I have no idea what the set list may be. I'd imagine there will be songs from Parachutes onwards ;-)

February 24, 2014 / submitted by Solaf, Egypt
Q.  Dear Oracle,
Could you tell me where Coldplay's first ever gig took place?

The Laurel Tree - a pub / live music venue on Greenland St. Camden, London. The building is still there but it is no longer called The Laurel Tree.