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May 14, 2014 / submitted by Nicholas, United States of America
Q.  Hello Oracle,

Why isn't there a song named after the album Ghost Stories like the rest of the past albums by Coldplay?

Thank you

There is no law saying an album must contain a song bearing its name but... in this case my friend, there actually is a track called Ghost Story. You just haven't heard it yet ;-)

May 13, 2014 / submitted by Kristin , United States of America
Q.  Dear Orcale,
Who sings the very last bit of O? And why is there a long pause inbetween?

Love Kristin

P.s. Love love love the new album!

The pause after O is leading into a sort of secret track and those vocals are actually Chris' daughter, Apple and her friend Mabel.

May 13, 2014 / submitted by Valeria, Mexico
Q.  Dear Oracle:

I heard today the full Ghost Stories album and it's amazing!!
I was wondering which was the "secret" song played in the concerts (the one that the band asked the crowd not to record or upload to YouTube) ?

It was two different songs but they weren't secret; it was to avoid bootleg versions turning up online.

The iTunes Festival premiered a few of the new album's tracks but any that weren't played there, were kept under wraps as much as possible. The first one to be performed with the request not to record was A Sky Full Of Stars and the second, that I mentioned in an answer last week, was True Love.

May 1, 2014 / submitted by Raquel, Mexico
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I listened to iTunes festival. Do you know the name of the first song that Coldplay played? It's really amazing I been starting over and over in order to hear it again.
Thanks and best regards

It's the opening track of Ghost Stories - Always in My Head.

April 29, 2014 / submitted by Aji, Indonesia
Q.  What do you think about A Sky Full of Stars? From what I heard It sounds really awesome, it sounds a lot like EDM and it's produced by Avicii. Is this your favorite song out of Ghost Stories album? Or maybe there's another song that's better than ASFOS?
Also due to the fact that True Love produced by Timbaland, do you think it sounds a bit like Hip hop or R&B or not both? Thanks :)

I prefer the word collaboration here because the tracks you mention aren't cut & dried produced by Avicii or Timbaland.
I think I'm right in saying Timbaland contributed to True Love but didn't co-produce it. It's actually one of my favourite songs on the album & as much as I love Timbaland, it is nothing like what you'd expect from his involvement. Unlike ASFOS which leaves us in no doubt; it practically screams 'AVICII'!
I love EDM but this album's subtlety is too sublime to resist. Oceans, O, Midnight, Magic, True Love... I can't decide between them.
I'm not ignoring Always In My Head, Ink, Another's Arms by the way - it's just I'd annoy myself if I don't choose.
Less than 3 weeks to go. Exciting.

April 23, 2014 / submitted by Gaston, Argentina
Q.  Why are they called Ghost Stories shows?

I mean, is the concert based only in the songs of the album or is a normal Coldplay show but with new songs?

All tours - whether small ones or world ones - have a name of sorts. It's usually the name of or from whatever the current album is.
These live dates are surrounding the release of Ghost Stories hence its name but, as far as I know, it's not going to be a show consisting solely of the album tracks.

April 22, 2014 / submitted by Conner, United States of America
Q.  Which is your favorite out of the first four Ghost Stories songs and why? It's tough, but I think I'd have to go with Another's Arms because it has a cool vibe to it. A bit of the same vibe I feel when I listen to Yes for some reason.

You haven't heard my favourite from Ghost Stories yet but of the four it's Midnight & Magic.

March 25, 2014 / submitted by Dandelion, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi, dear Oracle!

I once read the band said they thought albums should be no longer than 42 minutes OR 9 tracks. Does this mean that Ghost Stories is longer than 42 minutes??

Thanks dear Oracle! Have a nice week!

You'll have to wait and see ;-)

March 25, 2014 / submitted by Ysabelle, France
Q.  I read on a French site that Ghost Stories would be only an experimental album (or an EP) not the real LP 6. Is it true? Thank you so much for your answer.

No. Perhaps they were describing the musical tone as experimental and you've misunderstood. Or maybe they're talking nonsense. Ghost Stories is an album and besides, it has too many tracks and too long a running time to be defined as an E.P.

March 20, 2014 / submitted by Mariano, Venezuela
Q.  Dear O,

Have you already heard Ghost Stories in its entirety?

Would you say the album has a strong R&B and hip hop influence? Thanks!

No, I wouldn't. In fact, I'd say the opposite! It has no R&B and hip-hop influence. You can get a feel of the style of Ghost Stories from Midnight & Magic. The band also played Always In My Head and Another's Arms at the iTunes Festival - there's no hint of R&B in any of these new songs.