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February 25, 2014 / submitted by Arthur, Paraguay
Q.  Where can I get this font?
Thanks a lot.

I'm afraid you can't, Arthur. It's not a font per se, it's actually handwriting turned into font so it's unavailable anywhere else.

December 17, 2013 / submitted by Vero, Argentina
Q.  Do you know what typography was used in this photo?

The font used for Atlas is BankGothic Md BT Medium.

September 25, 2013 / submitted by Zeynep, Turkey
Q.  Hello Oracle..I have got a question, did Coldplay's logo change? From what I hear it changed... To be honest, last logo was beautiful, please don't change! :)

The font and therefore logo have changed since Parachutes. Mylo Xyloto was a marked departure from previous albums. Atlas is a standalone track & the MX font wouldn't have fit at all.
That said, I don't know if the Atlas font will remain for album 6 - only time will tell - but the MX font will not.

March 14, 2012 / submitted by StRanger, Finland
Q.  Hi The Oracle, who knows everything (yeah?). I guess I can find this somewhere in the big Internet-world with a little moment searching but I make you this question anyway. Uhm, after these long storys there's the question:
What is the font Coldplay used in Parachutes until Viva la Vida and what is that font they use in Mylo Xyloto (in album covers etc)? Can I download them somewhere?
Hope you answer and have a nice day! (And I hope this text is understandable)

The font used for Parachutes is available yes, it's called Albertus. Our MX font isn't as it is a bespoke bubble font.

June 1, 2011 / submitted by Christopher, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle: what is the name of the font on the new single's cover? Is it even a font, or perhaps something hand-designed?

a budding graphic designer.

It's basically a modified bubble font of which there are many variants.