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March 10, 2014 / submitted by Grace, Australia
Q.  Hello Oracle!! So I was wondering if the crowd during the video of Clocks was edited in, they seem to be displaying no emotions and very little movement, plus I'm sure if someone threw water at me I'd start moving haha. Thank you (are).

No, the crowd was actually in attendance. They were students from the local college and I seem to recall recruiting them was quite last minute. The video's director - Dominic Leung - will have told the audience what to do so maybe a few people found it hard to keep still, I can certainly spot a couple!

January 27, 2014 / submitted by Tahj, United States of America
Q.  Oracle I have been a fan of you the first time I heard Clocks piano ballad, which,actually was about when the song was first released if I can recall. If I met Chris Martin in person I would ask him this question I'm asking you and that would be, what inspired you to make the song Clocks.

Clocks isn't what I'd call a ballad, Tahj. I remember back in 2002 Chris mentioned that Clocks was inspired by Muse and their piano driven music of the time.
In 2008 The Independent newspaper spotlighted Clocks in its Story of the Song feature which will tell you more.

May 23, 2013 / submitted by Carlotta, Italy
Q.  Hello Oracle!
If you really have nothing to do now, would you like to answer my question? Yesterday I was listening to the radio, when I heard an awesome, unexpected samba-remix of Clocks!
Could you tell me who did it and if it was a direct collaboration with the guys or an independent thing??
Thank you very much,and ciao from Italy!

The version is by Rhythms del Mundo. It was totally separate and nothing to do with the band directly.

April 10, 2013 / submitted by Nicolas, Colombia
Q.  Hey Oracle, I was watching a video of Clocks in YouTube and I found this video.
At the beginning of the song it is very similar to Clocks I couldn't believe it. Coldplay give permission to that? Please answer me.

No, because as you say it's similar but it isn't the same. That's a very different definition.
Music can be inspired or influenced by other music and sometimes it can deliberately or co-incidentally resemble another piece. Unless it is using a direct part, there is no need to seek permission. In this instance the piano riff has similarities to Clocks but it's not a direct copy.

April 2, 2013 / submitted by Taynara, Brazil
Q.  Hi Oracle! Today I was watching the video clip Clocks and I was with this doubt: who is the people on the crowd? Like, they're fans or something like? Thanks a lot.

Before the video I recall a message was sent out asking for fans to partake in the crowd part of the video but I know that local students (from London) feature.

February 4, 2013 / submitted by David, Canada
Q.  Now that Clocks is number one on 6 Music's Greatest Hit, what does Will think about it since at first he thought it was rubbish, like he said in the Q&A part many years back on the Nissan Live sets by Yahoo.

Luckily for you, Will popped in to chat about that with Steve Lamacq when they announced the winner of the vote.

January 18, 2012 / submitted by Abby, United States of America
Q.  Where can I find legal Clocks by Coldplay music with out having to buy it?

Just to listen to you mean? You can listen to it if you visit our MySpace page or you'll find it on Spotify. If you're looking to download it, I would only point you in the direction of paying around 99p for it as I personally don't agree with (and never do it myself) illegal free downloading.

July 21, 2011 / submitted by Samantha, United States of America
Q.  What is written on Chris Martin's right hand in the Clocks video? There is an arrow pointing to something, but I can't make it out in the video. (At about 3:20 into the song).

If you pause the video at 3.23, you will see Chris has an arrow on his little finger pointing up to Make Trade written on his hand.

June 23, 2011 / submitted by Charles, United States of America
Q.  Hi dear Oracle, iI want to know who is Dominic Leung and what he has to do with Coldplay?

Thank you.

Dominic Leung is a director (& editor). His link to Coldplay is that he directed the video for Clocks, that's his only connection.

April 12, 2011 / submitted by Lu, Chile
Q.  Hi Oracle! here's another "meaning question".
In the 2005 Storytellers Coldplay show, Will uses a phrase when he talks about Clocks, (that at first he didn't like)... what's that idiom? I think it's something related to the word "hat"... what's the meaning of that expression?
Please answer this cause it's a bit difficult to get those phrases.
Thanks so very much!!!

In this case the idiom was "if Clocks is a hit I'll eat my hat".
The phrase means that you don't think something could happen SO much that you're prepared to do something insanely ridiculous if "it" actually happens. So strong is their belief that "it" will never happen they feel safe to say it as they're also implying they won't need to.

Let me put the phrase into another context. You know when Stevie asked me the other day how likely was it for unreleased songs Famous Old Painters and Don Quixote to be on the fifth album? Well, I'll eat my hat if they are!

(p.s Will wasn't keen on the song but I'm pretty sure it wasn't him who actually said those words).