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December 21, 2011 / submitted by Jamie, United Kingdom
Q.  Is there any way of the Oracle encouraging everyone to buy Paradise, Charlie Brown or Christmas Lights starting this Sunday in hope Coldplay can be Christmas Number One this year?

I'd be up for it!!

I initially thought we may be having The Wombles as the UK's Christmas number 1 and was fine with that but as it now looks like our Christmas #1 is a cert & for a great cause, I think I will let fate decide...

November 22, 2011 / submitted by Kirsten, United States of America
Q.  Dear Oracle,
I was wondering if Coldplay planned on putting out another Christmas song like they did last year with Christmas Lights(which I am listening to right now.) Thanks for reading this and I hope you respond to my question. Have a good day.

I did say there'd be no Christmas album from Coldplay a couple of weeks ago, same goes for a Christmas song* too.
However, if you want to get in the festive mood with two new Christmas albums, I recommend Coldplay friend and collaborator Tim Wheeler's This Is Christmas, an album made with with Emmy the Great. It was released on 21st Nov.

Another is an album released on 28th Nov by two wonderful people, Smith & Burrows.

*This Friday is the one year anniversary of the Christmas Lights video shoot. How times flies. We'll be hearing it in stores the world over soon eh?

October 27, 2011 / submitted by David, United States of America
Q.  First off I love Mylo Xyloto! it was magical! my question is about the possibility of a Christmas album, Chris mentioned on the Colbert Report that one was in the works, was he joking or is there one in the works?

Without even having to ask someone to confirm / deny I know that it's definitely a joke and Chris is teasing; there is no Christmas album in any pipeline of any kind.

December 14, 2010 / submitted by Astrid, Colombia
Q.  Dear Oracle!

2 questions!
1. Is this the first time that Coldplay release a song for Christmas?
2. Which scene of Harry Potter 7 was your favorite?

Thanks lovely oracle!

Although there have been Christmas songs recorded that have featured around the festive period this is the first time the band have officially released a song for Christmas.
The other tracks that have been available on CD (but not an EMI release) are Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (2000) & 2000 Miles (2003).
If you're looking for other Coldplay Christmas related stuff you can certainly find their Christmas messages of bygone times as well as Christmas songs they have performed on the radio and at live shows...

My favourite scene in Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part I is without a doubt the animation during Hermione's reading of the Tale of the Three Brothers. That sequence was stunningly designed and directed by Ben Hibon by the way.

January 14, 2010 / submitted by Sverige, Sweden
Q.  Aloha ^^ !

What is the title they play in the video

Thank you

This Christmas message from 2006 featured specially reworks of the following songs: Trouble, Clocks, Talk, Speed of Sound and In My Place.

January 6, 2010 / submitted by Wes, Australia
Q.  Dear Oracle, I was listening to one of my Mum's average Christmas cds, and it got me thinking. has Coldplay ever done any covers of Christmas songs? if not then could Coldplay make one to save me from next years Christmas?

Yes they have done covers of Christmas songs. Apart from at seasonal live shows (The Pogues/Kirsty MacColl's classic Fairytale Of New York and more recently John Lennon's War Is Over) there have been 2 recorded covers.
There's a beautiful version of The Pretenders' 2000 Miles and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas that appeared on their Mince Spies CD.
Many of you have asked about the Christmas song that was referred to on the 60 Minutes documentary so who knows, maybe one day... Let's hope so!
FYI: Click through to our Timeline and select Nov/Dec 2003 and you can hear Coldplay's cover of 2000 Miles and read Chris's thoughts on Christmas songs...

December 8, 2009 / submitted by Melissa, Germany
Q.  Hi Oracle! Today I saw a funny video on YouTube that was called Coldplay Christmas message from 2007. There were videos from 2004, 2005 and 2006 too, but I did not find one from 2008. Is there one ? And will the band make one for this year?

Last year there were 2 Christmas treats rather than a 'message'; it was only available on this site for a limited time. It was Jingle Bells filmed live at their O2 arena show featured Simon Pegg.
As for the tradition this year... let me traditionally make you wait and see...

July 31, 2009 / submitted by Rodney, Netherlands
Q.  Hi Oracle! Wikipedia told me that 2000 Miles was available as a download on the official website, and as I know that this is the official website, but the song was covered a long time ago. Is there still a chance that I can download this song on this site, or is that not possible?

The track was first available from 16th Dec 2003 until 1st Jan 2004 which was appropriate to the lyrics; the Christmas period.
The cover had been recorded by Chris while on tour in the US that year.
As it was available for a limited time only, you can no longer download it from this site. However you can still hear it on the timeline.

February 18, 2009 / submitted by Maureen, United States of America
Q.  I heard you on "60 Minutes" last night say you were looking for a Christmas song. My grandmother Genevieve Brooks wrote 'Christmas Time' which was copyrighted in December 1956 and it is so beautiful. I would like to send it/scan email it so you could see it. Is there an email address I can send it to? Thanks for your time.
Maureen, Daytona Beach, FL

That's very sweet of you Maureen but Chris didn't say he was looking for a Christmas song by/from anyone else. In fact, did you not hear his little Christmas song?

December 18, 2008 / submitted by lucy, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle
In the Roadie's blog for Sunday 14th it says that they rushed to BBC Television Centre to do a show. Do you know which one it was, or is it still to be broadcast?

The clue was in the photo! They were filming for the Top of the Pops Christmas special that always airs in the U.K on Christmas Day.
We have more details in news.