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January 30, 2014 / submitted by Matias, Argentina
Q.  I just saw a picture in which Chris kisses Jonny. Is it real?

That photo is from when Coldplay performed at the Hollywood Bowl, 2003. Someone (with too much time on their hands perhaps) has made it look like a longer kiss by editing the speed.

January 28, 2014 / submitted by George, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle, I just saw a video of Coldplay playing Animals Live. I noticed Chris didn't have any shoes on??? What's that about?

I chose this question for the simple reason that it amazes me how two people from different parts of the world can send in a question around the same time that both feature questions about videos that lead me to reply with clips from the same Big Day Out performance. How mad is that?!?
You see, the question I previously answered about me seeing another live video of Sparks with Guy sitting down was this. It also shows Chris with no shoes on.
If you were watching Animals live, I'm thinking it may have been like this video from the same day.
Spooky eh?

Anyway, that means the answer to this question is: it was hot there back in 2001.

January 23, 2014 / submitted by Chris, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi Oracle! What happened in the ending of this video? Thanks!

Many musicians use click tracks to help keep time and synchronize - especially at live shows. Much like a metronome they click - hence the name - and give precise indications. In the video, Chris has come in too early so he & Will discuss how many clicks it is before his cue to sing/play.

January 16, 2014 / submitted by Aranzazu, Chile
Q.  Dear Oracley, last weekend me and my friends watched Coldplay Live 2012 (which btw is amazing), but for some kind of reason none of us could understand (or even translate) what Chris says at the end of the film. The only thing that we could figure out it was something about chocolate. Could you help us? It seems that Chris' super-british accent took us by surprise!

I can indeed help. Chris says:
"I'm going to celebrate the end of this video with a Cadbury's Button. Do they exist in the future? I dunno, me watching back this video outtakes, are you still eating buttons in the year 2032? Or have they come up with some new kind of new space food chocolate thing which you just inject through your nostril? Without the calories but with all the taste and flavour of that crunchy Button you're about to hear now (we then hear him bite the chocolate). Cheers. (he laughs).

January 7, 2014 / submitted by Raj , Canada
Q.  Hi all-knowing Oracle,
A question about the Paradise video. Why does Chris Martin in the middle of Africa riding a unicycle come out of character and take his elephant head off?
Take care,
RK from Canada.

Because it was blooming boiling hot in that suit - especially in the heat of the weather! I think the real question is why it was included in the video. There were discussions about keeping Chris' identity anonymous but there was also the feeling that perhaps people wouldn't believe it was really Chris unless they saw him so the decision was made to keep that reveal in the video.

December 16, 2013 / submitted by Laurie, Canada
Q.  I have just read that the boys have been nominated for a Golden Globe! Is this the first time this has happened, and how excited are they?

Given that Atlas is the band's first song recorded for a film there has never been a song eligible before.
The Hollywood Film Awards (where it won the Hollywood Song Award) and the Golden Globes nominations are their first within the film industry.
They are thrilled to have been shortlisted - it's very exciting indeed!

December 16, 2013 / submitted by Thomas, Canada
Q.  When was the last time you talked to Mr Christopher Martin himself?

I'll be seeing them on Thursday at the Under 1 Roof show but not counting any text messages, I haven't seen Chris, or any of the guys in person since May. Blimey, that's ages ago!

December 12, 2013 / submitted by Tori, United States of America
Q.  Hey Oracle, I was wondering what the name of the egg-shaped guitar Chris uses in this performance of Yellow was?
I believe it's also one of the guitars that the band the Rolling Stones used.

It's been a while since I answered this question. I first replied to it in 2009 and again here in 2010.
And yes, here is Rolling Stone's Brian Jones playing one.

December 3, 2013 / submitted by Joshua, United States of America
Q.  What Metallica film was Chris talking about in this interview?

The interviewer does say the name of the film but you must have missed it as Chris starts answering over it. Some Kind Of Monster is Metallica's documentary film from 2004.

November 27, 2013 / submitted by Ilona and Przemek, Poland
Q.  Hello Oracle, we've got a strange question :) does Chris was riding on a bike around National Stadium in Warsaw during Coldplay's visit in Poland last year 19.09.2012 ?? Thanks for answer, it's really important to us :) Love, Ilona and Przemek.

I'm not sure but it's possible. There are bikes backstage to make it easier to get around but it's not usually the band riding them. That doesn't mean that on the odd occasion they haven't. I'll ask around but it may not bring further answers.
FYI the bikes were painted bright graffiti colours.