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March 18, 2013 / submitted by Martina, Italy
Q.  Almighty Oracle good evening!
Can you please give us some news about Chris running the LA Marathon?? Did he succeed to complete the marathon? Is he still alive?? Please answer now is what we need!!

Thank you!

Chris joined the Lupus Awareness Campaign but he didn't participate in the LA Marathon. Fit as he is, he hasn't been training for it plus he was back in the UK.

March 14, 2013 / submitted by Linda , Italy
Q.  Hi Oracle!
Can you promise me one thing?
That you will say to Chris not to cut his hair. His curls are lovely. Thanks :)

A few years ago in The Bakery whilst discussing the next album (which was at that point almost 2 years in the future away), Chris said he had a very important question to ask me. I felt honoured that he was about to bestow such faith in my reply.
"Do you think my hair should be short or long for the next campaign?"
Anchorman was also present and said "short" - I reminded him that Chris was asking me, not him.
"I think long. I prefer it long. Either way if you grow it now you can always cut it if you change your mind".
As you may have noticed, Chris' hair was pretty long just before the official MX photos were taken. It seems he did indeed change his mind so I can't promise you what you ask.
See? Things like haircuts are a very important factor and decisions like that aren't taken as lightly as you may think.

March 13, 2013 / submitted by Michelle, Canada
Q.  Hi Oracle,
Where is the photo of Chris in the Lupus Awareness Campaign taken?


It was taken in Los Angeles.

March 7, 2013 / submitted by Raj, Canada
Q.  Hi Oracle,
In the acoustic version of In My Place being released for Oxfam's video, I could swear that I hear Chris singing "How long must you wait for *him*", and not "How long must you wait for *it*". Is it true that perhaps on an older version of the song, it was "him" and not "it"?
RK from Canada

The lyrics have never been "him" in any early versions - always "it" but yeah, for whatever reason it either sounds like Chris is singing "him" or he very well may be!

March 5, 2013 / submitted by Naomi, United Kingdom
Q.  Hey Oracle,
While waiting in the queue outside the Emirates for the show on June 4th a person in an elephant suit was going round with a cardboard sign, rather like the elephant in the Paradise video. I would like to know whether it was Chris, it seems like something he would do after all, please post my question!!!

I assure you once Chris was at that venue, there was far too much going on before the show to put on an elephant suit and walk around outside the venue. It definitely wasn't him.

February 28, 2013 / submitted by Lorenzo, Italy
Q.  How many times Chris goes to Gymnastics in a week?

I think you mean how many times does he go to the gym - he doesn't do gymnastics.
He's a member of a gym as well as the band having their own gym in the studio.
Chris works out almost every day whether it's at the gym or jogging. The band have a trainer to keep them in shape and before a tour or a big show (such as headlining Glastonbury), they push themselves pretty hard.

February 19, 2013 / submitted by Hannah, United States of America
Q.  Hi Oracle.
In the beginning of this video Chris mentions Margaret, his girlfriend at that time. I was wondering was she the girl in The Scientist video?
P.S. Why wasn't Chris wearing any shoes at that gig?

That's how rumours start, Hannah. Margaret (Fiedler) was not his girlfriend; she was a member of the band Laika, watching from side of stage.
And double no, Elaine Cassidy is playing the part in The Scientist video.
I imagine Chris wasn't wearing shoes for the same reason Will was wearing shorts; it was blooming hot!

February 18, 2013 / submitted by Jericho, United States of America
Q.  Hello
Do you know what the model is for Chris Martin's Martin guitar?

No, but luckily I know a man who does. Thanks to the knowledgeable Hoppy (Chris' guitar tech for those who don't know) for this very comprehensive answer.
"On the MX tour he was playing Martin D-15 M's (FYI: D= dreadnought body shape/ number = style, the higher the number the more fancy appointments, binding, inlays etc/ M= mahogany). He used six or seven in a show, set up for different songs/tunings and all painted different)."

He also went on to tell me:
"His favorite is a 1985 (I think) made D-28 which doesn't tour. I believe he originally rented this from John Henry's Hire dept. a long time ago and subsequently bought it from them.

Amongst the others, he has a vintage pre-war D-28. Also D-42, or 45 K (K=Koa wood) from the 70's (I think!)
Also he may have a OO-15CE (OO= body size, small/ C= cutaway/ E=electric) somewhere. He used these on the Rush of Blood tour.

He has recently been recording with 2 new HD-28's (H= herringbone, which is a style of binding they previously used on pre-war made D-28's) that have been modified, and a couple of specially made 12 string versions of D-15 M's."

He knows his stuff does our Hoppy! Wow, I hope you guitar fans out there found that as fascinating as I did.

February 14, 2013 / submitted by Sam, United States of America
Q.  Greetings from Michigan!
I was wondering... do the boys ever find embarrassing photos (and such) of themselves on the internet and don't like it? Just like dorky photos where they're making weird faces (not anything more!)

I think we all have photos of ourselves we cringe at.
I think you just have to laugh at old photos no matter how embarrassing they may feel now. There is a great example of a "funny" retrospective on this site. In one of the timeline videos from 1999 - Click the March TV icon - there is a picture and footage of Chris' hair. The photo has the caption "Hmm, nice hair" and while the band are looking back at it, they have a laugh over the comment. It shows a gig with the same big hair from that time that is rather similar to one of the Hair Bear Bunch!

February 6, 2013 / submitted by Elliott L, United Kingdom
Q.  Oh, Mighty Oracle :)

I was wondering if Chris has been noticed when recording videos like Fix You when he was in the back alleys and The Scientist when he was walking down the high street. I'm sure there must be people who are Coldplay fans and would want to meet him if they saw him in the street. Thanks. PS Hey from UK.

I'm intrigued by your "hey from the UK" - I'm in the UK too...
Anyway, to business.
Video shoots are normally a closed set so there's not generally people there who aren't meant to be if you know what I mean. People in videos are usually extras rather than random folk in the background too.
There are some occasions where that's not possible like the London Underground scenes in Paradise. Also Fix You as you mentioned, but that was shot at night and nobody was around.
The public are very respectful when filming is taking place and tend not to approach. Maybe they just feel it wouldn't be appropriate timing but who knows?
I do know that many people were so surprised to see Chris in an elephant suit that they didn't quite believe it was him!